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March 8th, 2017 by Melanie Sutrathada How to Colorblock Your Outfits

Kick off the spring season by committing to adding more color to your outfits! Colorblocking is quintessential spring—bright, cheerful, and fun. For some tips on how to colorblock your outfits, take a look at how these fashionistas did it:



Colorblocking doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors like black, white, and shades of brown.


P2 - Fash Boulevard

One of the easiest ways to wear the colorblock trend is to pair complementary colors together. These are colors opposite each other on the color wheel, so try purple with yellow, blue with orange, and red with green.


P3 - Lovely-Pepa

Integrate colorblocked pieces into a corporate or low-key setting by styling darker colors with black or white pieces. This black, blue and gray colorblocked sweater looks sleek and professional when paired with black culottes for work.


P4 - Song of Style

Pick up a dual-toned coat that’s minimalistic, clean and practical. Perfect outerwear that’s easy to wear yet makes a statement!


P5 - Sterling Style

Experimenting with colorblocking gives you more outfit choices to choose from and create striking, bold combinations with that everyone will rave about! Take a fashion tip from CEO of The Glitter Guide and combine neon colors like magenta and orange.


P6 - Style is My Thing

The key to achieving Soraya De Carvalho’s colorblock style? Keep a loose color scheme of two to four colors, so the outfit still looks cohesive. To make the colors look even brighter, try offsetting them a bold white piece.


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