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February 23, 2021 How to Start a Fashion Career

Have you been wondering about how to start a fashion career? If you’re passionate about fashion and eager to explore a career in this field, then you should know about Crossroads Trading! Crossroads provides aspiring fashion buyers, designers, and marketers with valuable skills. Many of our store employees have grown into management roles within the company or continued on to other exciting fashion careers.

Here are just a few of the career skills that our store employees learn and develop in our stores.

Fashion Buying

Many of our employees join our teams to learn about how fashion companies buy clothing. Our buyers are formally trained on how to evaluate and price clothing based on label, style, and condition. Along the way, they learn the most popular styles and brands on the market, including smaller boutique brands and designers just hitting the scene.

Photo of girl evaluating a dress

Photo of employee at buying counter

Visual Merchandising

Our employees develop visual merchandising skills by assisting with sales floor and window displays.

Photo of employee next to sales rack

Photo of store window display

Fashion Marketing

If you have an interest in fashion marketing, you should know each store designates a marketing liaison to photograph store pieces and post them to our regional Instagram accounts. All store employees also have a chance to cooperate in these projects by modeling, taking photos, or pulling pieces to style.

Employee holding designer bag

Photo of stylish girl

Photo of styled outfit

Designer Authentication

Our store buyers are trained on how to authenticate designer pieces from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Alexander Wang.

Photo of Gucci bag

Photo of girl with designer handbag


Our employees get to work closely with others who are inspired and drawn to fashion too. Plus, our store teams have a lot of fun!

Photo of store team

Photo of store team

On top of all this, our employees get a store discount. Imagine the closet upgrade!

If this advice on how to start your fashion career has sparked your interest in working at Crossroads, then we welcome you to learn more on our careers page or view our most current job postings here.


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