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June 28th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Instagram TV: Everything You Need to Know

Instagram is making waves yet again with the release of Instagram TV (IGTV). Below, we delve into what it is, where you can find it, how it works, and more!



What is IGTV?

Instagram recently launched a longform (up to 60 minutes) video feature as a way for their users to share longer and more permanent content. Previously, video uploads were limited to 10-second Instagram Stories and 60-second timeline posts. This new feature will allow Instagram to compete more directly with video sites like YouTube. Instead of content creators using Instagram only for photos and short video clips, Instagram is hoping that creators will now stay on the app for full video content too.


Where is IGTV?

IGTV is a separate function in the app, with the logo placed right next to the direct message icon. You can also download the separate IGTV app for access.


How does IGTV work?

It’s as simple as uploading a video from your phone! It can be an unedited one or a curated video edited from another source. IGTV is formatted specifically for mobile users, so be sure to shoot your video vertically! Upon opening the new feature, you’ll be able to scroll through videos posted by people you follow, popular videos amongst all Instagram users, and videos that are curated for you based on your likes. This increases your potential to discover new content creators, similar to the Discover page on Snapchat.


What does this mean for content creators and influencers?

Because IGTV is connected to your existing Instagram account, influencers will have a built-in following without having the annoyance of asking their followers to use yet another channel to keep up with their content. The addition of IGTV gives content creators and influencers an easy portfolio of their work: images and video all in one place. IGTV may never fully overtake YouTube, but there is plenty potential for curated video content to be created for and shared solely on Instagram. For example, a fashion blogger can now use IGTV for haul videos or a more in-depth look at their outfit for the day, versus needing to switch to YouTube for their video content. The platform will also be a game-changer for celebrities and those in the entertainment industry; they’ll be able to share much more behind-the-scenes footage, trailers, music videos, and advertisements.


What does this mean for casual Instagram users?

While I myself have only browsed other users’ IGTV content, I do see the potential of personal usage in a longform video feature. I love to share videos of concerts, shopping trips, and road trips, and I think this type of content will thrive more on IGTV rather than Instagram Stories, which forces you to fit something into 10 seconds. Casual Instagram users will definitely find that they are more creative than they think they are; no computer, editing software, or lighting equipment needed here—all you need to create a video is your phone and an Instagram account!