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February 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: A Modern Take on Print Mixing

The forecast for spring and summer 2019 trends all have one thing in common: prints! Last year, fashion week proved that the louder, bigger, and bolder a print is, the more we will be seeing it for the upcoming season. Print mixing typically has had a reputation for only being for those who enjoy taking risks with fashion, but no matter your style, there is a way to mix prints without straying too far from your personal comfort level. I’ve gathered some inspiration below to inspire you to embrace print mixing, from modern minimalist to bold risk taker.

Combine Checkered Patterns

Combine different checkered patterns in a like color palette for a subdued modern take on the trend.
Blogger mixing checkered prints.

Pair With a Statement Blouse

Pair a printed statement blouse with a traditional print on the bottom for a playful take on the trend.
Blogger print mixing with a statement blouse

Stick to the Classics

Sticking to classic prints in black and white is a no fail way to mix your favorite prints.
Blogger wearing black and white patterns.

Invert The Color Scheme

An inverted color scheme is a perfect way to mix floral prints.
Blogger inverting color pattern.

Mix Your Stripes

You cannot go wrong mixing stripes; any color, any size, vertical or horizontal.
Blogger mixing striped prints.

Utilize a Statement Piece

Find your statement piece and choose a color from the pattern and find your second piece that focuses on that one color.
Blogger using floral prints to pair with polka dots.

Mix Your Accessories

For a more subtle try at the trend, grab an accessory with a contrasting print to your outfit.
Blogger using accessories for pattern mixing.

Find a Patchwork Piece

Not confident in your print mixing skills? Find a patchwork piece and let it do the work for you!
Blogger wearing patchwork piece.


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