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September 12, 2023 Sell Used Clothes by Mail This Fall

Sell used clothes by mail this fall, and you may find yourself with cash or store credit in your hands! It’s even easier than you think.

It’s Closet Cleanout Time

If you’re like us, you’re ready for a fall closet refresh. This is when we launder and store our spring and summer fashion pieces and bring out all our fall pieces. Yes, it’s time to bring out those sweaters, blazers, and coats again!

Decide What You Still Love

Next, we look at every single one of our fall pieces and decide whether it’s 1). a major yes and goes straight into our closet, 2). looking too worn and needs to be donated, or 3). is no longer a favorite but still in excellent condition and likely to be purchased by someone else.

Order a Crossroads Sell by Mail Bag

Head straight to the Crossroads Sell by Mail page and order a bag. Take a look at the latest selling guide if you want an idea of which of your items are most likely to sell to a Crossroads buyer. Then, order your free bag and select if you’ll want future payment in cash (via Zelle e-payment) or store credit (good at any Crossroads store location). You can also select to have your unpurchased items returned to you for a return fee.

Fill Your Bag & Send It Off

Once you’ve received your bag, fill it up with the items you’d like to sell. It already has a pre-paid shipping label on it, so send it off! Now, you’ll just wait to hear back from a Crossroads buyer.

photo of how to mail clothes to sell to Crossroads Trading

Ready to sell used clothes by mail? Get started by ordering your bag.