Blog: Crossroads Style

February 26th, 2024 Staff Style Spotlight: Alejandro

Alejandro wearing a white striped sweater and denim

As part of our Staff Style Spotlight series, meet Alejandro, a Lead Cashier at Crossroads. We asked San Jose and Santa Cruz employees to bring their style and star in our latest photoshoot wearing their best secondhand finds. Read about Alejandro’s personal style, favorite Crossroads finds, and favorite thing about working at Crossroads.

Describe your all-time favorite Crossroads find.

Doc Martens Chinese New Year of the Ox editions that I have never seen before!

Which clothing brand(s) do you get excited to see at Crossroads?

I love seeing brands like Ksubi, and seeing new brands that I have never heard of.

Alejandro and wearing a white striped sweater and denim walking with one model

Describe your personal style in 5 words or less.

Never too much/little.

What is your go-to spring uniform?

I always got me some cargo shorts on or a short sleeve button up.

Alejandro and wearing a white striped sweater and denim walking with two models

What tips do you have for selling at Crossroads?

Always bring your freshest clothes, vintage, and unique pieces always do well.

What is your favorite part about working at Crossroads?

I love seeing people find a new piece that they couldn’t find anywhere else. I also love seeing when people find something that fits their style perfectly!


Thanks for the Staff Style Spotlight, Alejandro! As a Lead Cashier, Alejandro has the exciting job of creating an aesthetically appealing environment that welcomes all customers, assisting customers throughout the store, and handling all sales-related tasks. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Join our team! Check out our Careers page to learn more about working at Crossroads.