Blog: Crossroads Style

June 29, 2022 Staff Style Spotlight: Jen

Jen holding her dress

As part of our Staff Style Spotlight series, meet Jen, a Lead Cashier at Crossroads. We asked employees from our Huntington Beach store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photoshoot wearing their Crossroads finds. Read about Jen’s personal style, favorite Crossroads finds and favorite thing about working at Crossroads.

Jen and Katie chatting in a bedroom

Tell us about your favorite Crossroads find.

I got the absolute coolest dress on the planet by Custo Barcelona. Literally, I have never had such a visceral reaction to seeing an article of clothing.

What are you dying to see come into your Crossroads store?

I am dreaming of the day I get a pair of Tabi Mary Janes. My life would be complete once they come in.

Jen sitting in a patterned dress

What are your summer closet essentials?

I love layering all year, so any lingerie overlay or negligee is the best to add an interesting touch to a look.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love when my outfits are very eclectic, eccentric, color-coordinated, and just have a funny story with each piece.

Jen sitting in a patterned dress

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

My coworkers are the sweetest people ever. The entire environment is the best and I get to meet the coolest folks!

Top tips for selling at Crossroads?

Bring in the type of stuff you would love to see, just some funky, unique pieces.

Thanks for the Staff Style Spotlight, Jen! As a Lead Cashier, Jen is a knowledgeable cashier that can offer assistance and guidance to the team. Jen also processes the amazing secondhand fashions that come into their Crossroads. Sound like a job you’d love? Visit our Careers page to learn more about working at Crossroads.