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April 25th, 2022 Staff Style Spotlight: Paige

Paige wearing a blue dress with angels.

As part of our Staff Style Spotlight series, meet Paige, a Sales Associate at Crossroads. We asked employees at our Sunset Blvd store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photoshoot wearing their Crossroads finds. Read about Paige’s personal style, favorite spring trend and favorite thing about working at Crossroads.

Paige wearing a blue dress with angels.

Tell us about the fashion piece that “got away”.

I will never forget the black leather pants with a wide leg that was snatched away before I could swipe them up. I still shed a tear when I think about how it’s not in my closet.

What are you dying to see come into your Crossroads store?

I can’t wait until a black velour Y2K tracksuit comes into my life.

Paige and Ryan sitting on the couch

Tell us about your favorite Crossroads find.

I have been finding amazing corsets & slips that I cannot stop utilizing every day!

What is your favorite Spring trend?

Flowy princess sundresses are my weakness.

Paige, Serena, and Zoe talking together

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

I absolutely adore seeing my coworkers’ creativity in the way they dress, as well as the customers.

Top tips for selling at Crossroads?

Doing research on what we are buying before you bring items will definitely get you a headstart.

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Thanks for the Staff Style Spotlight, Paige! As a Sales Associate, Paige assists customers on the sales floor, monitors the fitting rooms, and processes new merchandise for the floor all while providing great customer service. Sound like a job you’d love? Visit our Careers page to learn more about working at Crossroads.