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February 25th 2020 By Jennifer Bender Transition to Spring With 4 Key Pieces

Spring does not officially begin until mid-March and in many places, the weather is still frigid and freezing. However, ever since Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring on this year’s Groundhogs Day, I haven’t been able to stop planning out my spring transitional wardrobe. My favorite part of dressing during the transition between the agonizingly bitter winter weather and the pleasantly warm spring weather, are the pieces that pull an outfit together, allowing you to merge your cold and hot weather wardrobes.

The best pieces for transitioning between the two seasons are most likely staples already in your closet. The key is finding pieces that you can wear as much in the current season using layering as you can in the next season on their own (because who doesn’t like a versatile wardrobe!). Read below for what to pull from the back of your closet or what to invest in if it’s a missing piece in your wardrobe.

Midweight Outerwear

It’s about time to put away heavy winter outerwear and focus on midweight layering pieces that will be heavy enough to keep you comfortable during crisp spring mornings but not be a hassle to remove once the sun shines down in the afternoon resulting in the mild warmth that spring grants upon us. Think longline coats and jackets for this in-between weather, like a faux-leather trench coat or a twill utility jacket, that will add a comfortable layer without the bulkiness of a winter coat.

Key outerwear piece for transitioning to spring

Classic Collared Shirt

A classic button-down shirt will quickly become a staple piece during the transition between the two seasons. Swap out your layering thermals for a collared shirt under your sweaters for a preppy look that will keep you warm during the chilly mornings whilst allowing you to strip off a piece in the warmer afternoons. Forego the sweater altogether and tuck this timeless top into your go-to denim and booties combination, layered with a trendy chunky cardigan that can be removed as the weather warms during the day. And of course, use this piece as a layer under your favorite spring dresses that you just cannot wait one more day to bust out of storage for the season.

Key collared shirt for transitioning to spring

Midi to Maxi Length Dresses & Skirts

Speaking of dresses, if you’re in an area whose temperatures are already rising, midi to maxi length dresses or skirts will add that much-needed refresh to your wardrobe and cultivate your creative styling juices once again. It’s been a long winter, stuck in jeans, chunky knits and booties – not that I don’t love that combination and would most likely choose it to be my only outfit if I had to – but being able to bare a bit of skin and feel lighter is the best part about the weather warming up a little sooner this year. Throw your favorite chunky knit or cardigan top your spring dress or layer a thin turtleneck or classic button-down under for that little bit of extra warmth that is needed for later winter / early spring weather.

Key midi dress style for transitioning to spring

Lightweight Shoes

I am a boots girl, through and through, but I have already been busting out my flats, mules, and sneakers on mild, dry days this season. Swapping out heavy winter footwear for spring-appropriate shoes will lighten up your outfit and balance the chunky knits and jeans that you may still need to get through the rest of the winter season. Plus, they are so easy to style with every outfit and add a much-needed element of comfort.

Key shoe styles for transitioning to spring

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