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September 27, 2022 70s Style Fashion Looks That Inspire

We’re not done gushing over 70s style fashion looks, as you can tell from its recurring inclusion in our seasonal selling guides. The 70s were probably one of the best decades for fashion with highly-recognizable silhouettes, colors, and textures.

Driven by a love for shopping secondhand, many people are rediscovering the best of the decade, and 70s style fashion looks can be seen on the streets with a modern twist. You can, of course, find some great pieces in our Crossroads stores. In fact, here’s a list of some of the 70s pieces we can’t get enough of.

Leather Blazer

A leather blazer is a classic 70s piece, especially when you find one in colored leather.

photo of person in 70s style fashion


Crochet pieces immediately bring the 70s to mind! Look for halter tops and ponchos.

photo of person in 70s style fashion


Pants, dress, jacket…just make it corduroy!

photo of person in 70s style fashion

Mini & Boots

A mini dress or skirt alone is a 70s fashion favorite. Add knee-high boots to take it straight back to the decade.

photo of person in 70s style fashion


Add this to your shopping list for your next thrift store visit. Look for tapestry and floral prints to really strike the look.

photo of person in brocade vest

Neck Scarf

So simple, but so 70s. A silk neck scarf automatically gives off 70s vibes.

photo of person in green neck scarf


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