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January 7, 2021 8 Puffer Coats for All Styles

Are there really are 8 different puffer coats that work for all styles? Trust us, there are at least 8. As we enter the coldest months of the year, we’ve picked a few to inspire you to find the one that best matches your need for warmth and your personal style.


This is the equivalent of wearing your bed comforter outside, and we’re behind it 100%.


The shape of a puffer coat is already eye-catching, so take it one step further and find a futuristic style.

futuristic puffer coat


All boxes get checked here: a detachable hood, shearling lining and big pockets to hold your gloves and beanie.

Classic puffer coat


This puffer jacket hits just above the waist, but loses none of its warmth. Extra credit points awarded for the sunny orange color.

cropped puffer coat


Because you need some sparkle and shine in winter!

metallic puffer coat


We’re drawn to the big sleeves and loose shape. The blanket scarf keeps it from looking sloppy.

oversized puffer coat

Winter White

This choice is for the very brave. Choose a puffer in an unexpected light color like cream.

winter white puffer coat


We’re sold on the versatility of this vest. It can be worn over a sweater, blazer or fitted jacket.

puffer coats for all styles

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