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July 22, 2021 A Shout Out to #Crossroadsfinds

Today’s post is dedicated to all of you who sell and shop at Crossroads and make our world go round and round. We couldn’t do any of our work in sustainable fashion without you! One of the best parts of what we do is seeing you show off your secondhand looks online. We bring the clothes, but you always bring the style. Thanks especially to all who use the #crossroadsfinds hashtag so we can see how you styled your Crossroads pieces once you brought them home: this post is a special shout out to you.

With almost 8700 tags on Instagram, we couldn’t be more grateful, and it’s honestly so hard to choose just a few to share. Keep scrolling to see what our amazing customers have found and styled from our stores, then search the hashtag yourself for loads more.

photo of person in mint coat

photo of person in cowboy hat

photo of person in jeans and cropped tee

photo of person in yellow dress set

photo of person in retro jumpsuit

photo of person in black dress

photo of person in earth tone outfit

photo of person in boho outfit

Please keep the photos coming! And your visits to sell and shop. We’ll just be over here waiting to welcome you and share our love for sustainable fashion. We especially hope to be giving a shout out to your #crossroadsfinds soon. See you in stores and online!


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