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July 28, 2022 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Finds

Despite what you might think, affordable sustainable clothing exists! The trick is to shop at secondhand clothing stores. First, you’re shopping sustainably by keeping pre-loved clothing out of landfill and giving it a longer life. Second, you’ll find that secondhand clothing costs considerably less than original retail.

You don’t have to give up anything when you buy used clothing. Look at all these categories of fashion you can find!

Special Pieces

Shopping for secondhand clothes is like a treasure hunt. Keep an eye out for unique pieces like brand collaborations.

Opening Ceremony x Vans Panther Set. Jacket, $24. Joggers, $18.50. Tote, $22.50.

photo of clothing pieces

Sugar Thrillz Dress, $32.50. Sam Edelman Shoes, $24. Crazy Horse Bag, $18.50.

New With Tags

Do you know how many people buy a new piece of clothing only to find out months later that they never wear it? Maybe it doesn’t fit them right, or it no longer matches their style. Selling it to a fashion resale store gets it out of their closet and into your hands. The piece has finally found a good home!

New Coogi Sweater, $85.

photo of person in sweater


Vintage clothing is very popular these days, and looking for these pieces in secondhand stores is a thrill of its own. You may even find a label or style you loved decades ago and are ready to revisit.

Vintage Paris Blues Dress, $22.50. Vintage Beaded Bag, $18.50.

photo of dress and accessories


Buying designer pieces secondhand makes them significantly more affordable. Plus, these fashion “investment” pieces will stay in your closet for years to come.

Gucci Princeton Mules, $265.

photo of loafers

Evening Looks

Don’t overlook secondhand clothing stores when shopping for evenings and special events. It makes even more sense to buy these used if you think you’ll only wear them once or twice. Sell it back to the resale store to earn store credit for your next evening event.

Nicole Miller Dress, $32.50.

photo of person in white dress

Finding affordable sustainable clothing near you is only a few clicks away. Check out our locations page to find the Crossroads store closest to you.


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