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January 18, 2024 What’s an Apron Dress?

An apron dress is one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever own.

If you haven’t heard of one before, an apron dress is typically a wrap-around dress with a tie-waist at front. It’s very similar to a kitchen apron and most popular in lightweight fabrics like linen.

You can wear one over anything from a turtleneck to a boatneck tee. Wear it as a simple dress, or layer one over jeans. We know you’ll find your favorite pairing.

More than anything, we absolutely adore clothing with pockets, and you can almost always count on an apron dress to include them. In addition, the wrap-around style allows you to size the dress to your personal liking. This is great when you want to layer in thicker sweaters in winter.

Keep scrolling to get some photo inspiration, then click through to our selling guide to see even more trends we love.

woman showing the back of a navy blue apron dress

woman wearing a brown apron dress over a cream-colored turtleneck and jeans

woman wearing a charcoal apron dress over a black blouse

woman standing in an orchard with a bike

woman wearing a khaki-colored version over a boatneck stripe tee

woman in a boho version

Look for an apron dress–or any of your favorite dress styles–at a Crossroads store location. Make sure to add one to your closet before spring!

You can even bring in pre-loved clothing to sell so you can pick one up with store credit.


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