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July 20, 2021 Athletic Shoes Meet Fashion

When athletic shoes meet fashion you get running shoes with silk slip dresses and tennis sneakers with cropped jeans and graphic tees. In simple terms: there’s absolutely no need to stop at a gym when wearing them.  

Whether it’s the illusion that you’re always ready to hop on a basketball court for a quick game, or the inarguable fact that they are the most comfortable shoes to wear all day and night, every fashionistas’ closet has a pair (or two or three). That’s why our stores always carry them, from trainers to running shoes to court sneakers. And you’ll notice that some of the most popular ones we stock are colorful and innovative by design. They’re fashion pieces in their own right.

Keep scrolling to eye a sneak peek of what was recently found on our sales floors. Our store inventory changes daily, so stop in regularly to find your perfect pair.

photo of running shoes

photo of pink running shoes

photo of gray and yellow athletic shoes

photo of colorful athletic shoes

photo of running shoes

photo of athletic shoes

Athletic shoes meet fashion in the best way, mostly by bringing any piece of fashion down to earth (ruffled organza dress and Stan Smith’s anyone?). We want to see how you do it! Tag your look on Instagram with @crossroadstrading for a chance to be featured on our brand feed.


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