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January 17, 2023 Selling Clothes from Home is Simple

Selling clothes from home is simple with our Sell By Mail program. It’s free and available to everyone in the continental U.S.

Now’s the perfect time for that New Year closet cleanout, and selling clothes from home is the easiest way to get cash or Crossroads store credit into your hands.

It takes just a few easy steps. Start by ordering a bag on our website. When it arrives, check back on our website for the latest trends we’re looking for. These are exactly the types of pre-loved items you want to look for in your closet.

As you find and decide on clothing to sell, make sure they’re in excellent condition and freshly laundered. Then, add them to the bag. There’s plenty of room!

photo of person with Crossroads sell by mail bag

When you’re done, you’ll notice the bag already has a pre-paid postage label on it.

photo of sell by mail bag

That means you just need to seal the bag and get it to your local UPS drop-off site.

Now you wait for an email from a Crossroads buyer letting you know how much cash or store credit you’ve earned. If you chose the cash payment option, you’ll receive a Zelle e-payment. If you chose store credit, you’ll receive your card by mail. Time to refresh your closet!

January 12, 2022 How to Style Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a trend we can definitely get behind. Since sneakers are a go-to in our closets, the platform version gives us one more option to choose from.

Plus, styling them is a breeze. Here are 5 ways to get started.

Like Classic Sneakers

The easiest way to style platform sneakers is to style them like your classic sneakers. The platform rise of the shoes amps up the look with no effort on your part.

Person wearing platform sneakers with jeans and a sweater

Monochrome Look

Go monochrome and let the platform extend the length of the look. Remember: monochrome doesn’t have to mean neutral–this look works with brights too.

person in monochrome cream outfit

person in monochrome pink outfit

Color Palette

This photo captures it perfectly! Use your sneakers as a color palette to pick the pieces for the rest of your look. It makes everything pop.

photo of person in platform sneakers

With a Skirt

We like how a skirt at ankle length draws the eye to the sneakers.

photo of person in skirt and platform sneakers

With Flares

You’re already going big with the shoes, why not go even bigger with flares? We admire the overall dramatic result here.

Stop into your neighborhood Crossroads store and see if we have a pair of platform sneakers waiting for you!

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January 10, 2023 New Year, New Handbag

The secondhand handbag is the new handbag.

The New Year is often a time for a wardrobe refresh, and a new handbag is a perfect first choice. You can shop for a brand-new bag within your budget, or find a higher-quality (and sometimes designer) secondhand handbag for the same price. 

With a resale store, you can even sell a pre-loved bag for cash or store credit to use towards a new one!

We recently looked for handbag choices on our stores’ regional Instagram feeds (see links below). We couldn’t believe how many incredible secondhand options they had on their shelves.

Keep scrolling to see exactly what we mean. Then, stop into any of our store locations to see what you can find. We have a very good hunch you’re going to find something you love.

photo of handbag

Gucci, contact our Fillmore St. store for details.

photo of handbag

Marc Jacobs, contact our Fillmore St. store for details.

photo of handbag

Versace, $725.

photo of Louis Vuitton handbag

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, contact our San Jose store for details.

photo of Chanel tote bag

Chanel, contact our San Jose store for details.

photo of YSL handbag

YSL Mombasa Horn Bag, contact our Costa Mesa store for details.

photo of brown handbag

Moschino, $37.50.

gold clutch

Diane Von Furstenberg, $55.

photo of orange Janis Studio bag

Janis Studio, $55.

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January 5, 2023 Start a Fashion Buyer Career

This is the year to finally start your fashion buyer career! You have a dedicated passion for fashion, you love keeping track of the latest labels and trends, and you’re located near one of Crossroads Trading’s U.S. locations.

Crossroads trains its fashion buyers on how to identify the best fashion pieces to bring into its stores. A formalized training program teaches buyers which labels sell best in their neighborhood, how to price clothing for the retail sales floor, how to authenticate designer clothing and accessories, and how to spot the latest styles and trends.

Buyers also get to work with other people who love fashion and can shop at the store with their employee discount. Our team members have built some of the best wardrobes out there! Check out our Instagram feed to see our fabulous staff style in action.

Crossroads is also committed to promoting from within, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to grow into management roles along the way.

Take that next step and learn more about Crossroads’ open positions. Apply today and start your journey towards a fashion buyer career that you’ll love for years to come. We can’t wait to meet you!

photo of fashion buyers

fashion buyer Inspecting Clothes

January 3, 2023 Black Owned Style Brands

If you follow our brand’s Instagram feed, you know we share Black owned style brands there every Friday. If you didn’t catch them all in December, we have them all here!

Tia Adeola

@tiaadeola is the eponymous label that Adeola started only 5 years ago in her dorm room. You can see in the designs how her art history background and love of the Renaissance have influenced them. Visit the online shop to see the latest.

photo of person wearing long black dress

Orange Culture Nigeria

This award-winning fashion label was recognized by LVMH and BOF, and it blends Nigerian-inspired prints and colors with contemporary streetwear silhouettes. Check out their IG feed to see their collection, or visit their online shop.

photo of model wearing Orange Culture Nigeria brand


@keeyahri is a luxury footwear line designed with some of our favorite details in mind: feathers, faux fur, and architectural concepts. See their entire line on the brand’s website.

photo of model wearing Keeyahri

Thebe Magugu

This luxury South African brand describes its vision as: “Sleek, forward-looking design intersects with motifs & details that draw from our continent’s storied past, complex present and exciting imagined futures, providing smart, multifaceted clothes that mirror the inspiring qualities of the people they are made for.” See their vision come to life on the label’s IG feed.

photo of model wearing Thebe Magugu

Christopher John Rogers

NY-based label, @christopherjohnrogers, is an award-winning line that has been seen on Rihanna, Jodie Turner-Smith, Ashley Graham, and Michelle Obama. The designer focuses on delivering clothing that marries quality manufacturing and timeless appeal. See the latest collection on their website.

photo of model wearing Christopher John Rogers

These December picks are only a few of the Black owned style brands we shared on our Instagram feed. Join us there to see even more. You can also join us on our website next month when we’ll feature our January selections!