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September 13, 2022 What We’re Wearing: Baggy Pants

We’ve been wearing baggy pants a lot these days. Maybe it’s a rejection of the skinny jeans trend that hung around for so, so long. Or, maybe it’s a part of our post-pandemic style, where we’ve decided that comfort in clothing should ultimately come first (yeah, that doesn’t sound like us).

Most likely, we’re wearing baggy pants because they’re undeniably on trend this season. We’ve marked them under the category of underground edge in our most recent selling guide, and if you look at any of our company Instagram feeds, you’ll see that our staff is wearing them in multiple styles.

Denim, cargo, trousers, or wide-leg — we love them all. We are as varied with our matching tops too. Sometimes we go for cropped tops to contrast the fit, but an oversized tee with oversized pants is a look we’re just as likely to reach for.

Take a look at our staff inspiration photos below, where we show off their wide range of baggy pants looks. If you want to try the trend too, stop into any of our stores to find a pair that works for you!

photo of people in baggy pants

photo of person in baggy pants

photo of person in baggy pants

photo of person in baggy pants

photo of person in cargo pants

photo of person in flared jeans

photo of person in wide leg jeans


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