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June 9, 2022 The Best App for Selling Used Clothes

The best app for selling used clothes is obviously the one that gets cash in your hands the fastest. You have gently-used, unwanted clothing staring at you. You want them out of your way now, and you want to get any money you can for them.

So the thought of photographing and creating a listing for every single piece sounds as fun as a trip to the dentist. That’s what many of the current selling apps require you to do, and that’s just the first part. You still have to communicate with potential buyers and eventually package and mail the piece.

Do you love being a customer service agent for selling your used clothes? We didn’t think so.

If you want those clothes out of your life today, and you live near one of Crossroads’ 35 store locations nationwide, you need to know about the Crossroads Trading Waitlist App.

Here’s the 17-second elevator pitch:

Can you see why we’re claiming this is the best app for selling used clothes? You can actually start the selling process from work or home, then make your way over to the store to finish the process. Crossroads buys clothing all day every day, so you have plenty of opportunities to sell during your busy week.

Did we mention you’ll walk out of the store with the cash or store credit you earn? No waiting for payouts here.

And because you can choose 50% store credit (versus 30% in cash), you have the option to shop for new-to-you pieces for your closet. It’s the best way to keep a sustainable closet and a fashion budget.

Get the app here.