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March 12, 2023 The Best App to Sell Clothes

The best app to sell clothes is the Crossroads waitlist app. Let us explain exactly why.

If you’re a Crossroads seller (and we sure hope you are!),  you know that selling your clothes in one of our stores is the quickest way to turn your preloved clothes into cash or store credit.

Our buyers buy all day every day, and no appointment is necessary. You just add your name to the waitlist at the selling counter, then wait to be called by one of our well-trained buyers, who will assess and price your items.

However, you could add your name even earlier (like before you’ve even left your house!) by using the Crossroads waitlist app. Find your nearest store, and then add your name remotely. You can even see how many people are in line. If you live near multiple stores, you may want to use the app to find the shortest wait in your area.

Watch our 18-second tutorial to see just how easy it is.

Do you see why the best app to sell clothes is the Crossroads Trading waitlist app? Download it and give it a try next time you want to sell with us!