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January 16, 2024 The Best Way to Sell Used Clothes

The best way to sell used clothes is in a fashion resale store like Crossroads. We know we’re partial to saying that, but let us tell you why.

For most people, selling their clothes begins like this: staring at a pile of unwanted clothes from a closet clean-out or move.

Sure, you could use Ebay or one of the peer-to-peer selling apps to list and sell each piece individually, but most people just want this pile of clothing to disappear.

That’s where a fashion resale store comes in. You can bring all of those clothes (except for stained and damaged pieces) up to their selling counter and have a store buyer assess each piece for cash or trade credit.

You’ll get more of those pre-loved clothes out of your hair right away, and walk away with cash that day.

fashion buyer Inspecting Clothes

That’s why we think fashion resale stores are the best way to sell used clothes. Check to see if there is a Crossroads location near you, or check out our Sell by Mail program.