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August 4, 2022 Black-Owned Clothing Brands to Shop

If you spend time with us on our Instagram feed, you’ll see we share Black-owned clothing brands each week. Don’t worry if you missed any in July, because they’re all here!

A.Au dresses are quite frankly the epitome of glamour. Scroll their feed and be in awe of the beautiful cuts, luxurious fabrics, and flowy sleeves. Soft, classic colors only add to the line’s appeal. Visit the online shop to see for yourself here.

photo of person in silk dress

Sika Designs

Scroll through the IG feed of @sikadesigns, and you’ll want one of everything. The brand’s dresses are both summer-ready and so, so sophisticated. Throw their gorgeous prints and fabrics into the mix, and you’ll stand out in every single one of their pieces. Shop the site here.

photo of person in colorful outfit


The spotlight shines bright on @muehlederlabel. The brand creates magic with neoprene. Yes, neoprene! The fabric is crafted into almost-sculptural pieces, and the rich colors they choose add even more depth. There are swimwear options too, right alongside dresses and tops. See them all on the brand’s website here.

photo of person in neoprene outfit

Milano di Rouge

@milanodirouge creates luxury streetwear –one of our favorite fashion categories! Marble-print jumpsuits and denim crop jackets are just a few of their stand-out pieces. Visit the shop to see exactly what we mean. Shop the entire line here.

photo of people in t-shirts and shorts

Salone Monet

Black-owned label @salonemonet is on a mission to bring color-inclusive nude shoes to the market. Their shoe line-up is now on the shelves of some of the biggest department stores and has even been seen on celebrities. There is a range of hues to choose from, so visit their shop to see if they have the perfect match for you.

photo of nude shoes

These 5 picks are only a few of the Black-owned clothing brands we’ve featured on our Instagram feed. Jump over there to see even more. You can also join us back here on our website next month when we’ll feature our August picks!