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MARCH 3, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Best Spring 2015 Trends

Spring is only a few short weeks away, and it has recently inspired me to clean out my closet to make room for new pieces. This season is all about being playful and comfortable: fringe, relaxed fit denim, flat shoes and statement stripes–finally trends that are wearable in everyday life! Using the Crossroads Spring Selling Guide, I narrowed down a few of my favorite trends for the new season.


Fringe is a little bit 70’s, a little bit rock and roll and a whole lot of fun! From going bold with a statement piece to adding just enough to step up your accessory game, fringe is the texture you should be on the lookout for
this season.


Clockwise from the top left

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Relaxed Fit Denim

Give your legs a break and let them breathe this spring! Relaxed fit denim is the most comfortable trend, and it looks like it will be sticking around for
a while.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4


Speaking of comfort: flats are this year’s best shoe trend. Your feet will thank you while you’re rocking one of the hottest looks this year.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Statement Stripes

Stripes will never be off-trend, but they are showing up this season bolder than ever. Think colorful, bold stripes, sporty stripes and mixed pattered stripes–it’s all about being playful.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Bold Lips

And finally, a bold lip is the perfect way to bring your outfit together, no matter the time of year, style or trend. I have always loved a bright bold lip, and I am falling fast for deep, rich colors!


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Our very own Crossroads Style Council member, Grasie Mercedes of Style Me Grasie, has a wonderful video that teaches you how to apply the perfect, bold red lip! Check it out here.

Which spring trend are you looking forward to styling this season?


JULY 31, 2014 BY AMBER 5 style secrets from Top Gun

What comes to mind when you think of the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun? Fighter planes, aviators, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer at their hottest? That’s all fine, but what about Kelly McGillis and her killer style? Don’t know who or what I’m talking about? Get your popcorn and settle in for a movie night–time for a Style Review.

1. That hair.


Oh yeah. She’s got some serious ’80s hair, but it’s soft and still looks good even after she’s been riding on the back of Maverick’s motorcycle–that’s pretty incredible for that era. Rather than try to copy her big-hair style, try a tousled bob with an extreme side part.

2. That bomber jacket.


This jacket, in my opinion, is the main character in the flick. As you can see from the pics above, Charlie wears it with work-appropriate white button-down blouses as well as jeans and a t-shirt. While I can’t condone the cut of her jeans nor the high-top sneakers she’s rocking, I do fully endorse the laid-back cool girl look she’s got going on. That, and her best accessory is Tom Cruise in a flight suit. But that’s not really fair.

3. That bomber jacket/pencil skirt combo.


There is so much style going on here… let’s break it down bit by bit. First, the bomber jacket: amazing by itself, but styled to perfection with pushed up sleeves. Sure, if she’s warm, it would’ve been a lot simpler to just remove the jacket, but that’s just a waste of an awesome jacket. Then there’s that blindingly white blouse and black pencil skirt–what a great counterpoint to the rough-and-tumble look of the bomber. And then there’s the giant envelope clutch: adding that to my wish list. And finally, hello gold jewelry. This could be a street style pic from NYFW–it’s
that perfect.

4. That oversized blazer.


Okay, so not everyone can get away with wearing a bomber to the office. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear just any old boring blazer. Get an oversized one and you can roll up the sleeves and give it some style. Notice the white tee underneath? Yeah… That’s another instance of balancing out an outfit. Love.

5. Did I mention her hair?


Just look at her: Quintessential nonchalant beauty. Her expression says, Wow, I just noticed you’re like 5’2″.


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MAY 10, 2013 BY SARAH Our Top 4 Favorite Male Bloggers

Here at CTC, we’re pretty proud to have been following blogs and talking to bloggers since the beginning of the phenomenon. We think they bridge the gap between magazines and real people, and while we don’t have the facts or stats to back it up, we are pretty sure that people in general are becoming more artful when dressing themselves, and it’s largely thanks to our
blogger friends.

The thing is, there’s no avoiding the fact that the vast majority of personal style bloggers are female. Bloggers have definitely democratized fashion, but where’s the male voice? Well, if you haven’t heard, there are some pretty stellar dude personal bloggers out there, some of which we’ve given a nod to before. To make it easy as entering our Man Month raffle, we decided to make a to-the-point guide of our top four favorite male bloggers that you need to add to your reading list asap. Get to clicking!


1. Adam of I Am Galla. Recently relocated to New York, Adam’s style is electic – one day he is wearing a suit and bow-tie, the next he’s wearing a beanie and a hoodie, and the day after that he may be dressed like he is above…however, all of his looks are unified by a kind of classic elegance, sometimes captured just in a pair of shoes, sunglasses, or fits. It’s the thing that makes Adam’s style so chic, yet still so personal.


2. Freddy of Blue Perk. We conducted a great interview with Freddy of Blue Perk not too long ago, so needless to say, Freddy was bound to be included in this list. Another New Yorker, Fred’s style is always on point, colorful and fun – and yet, it always remains to be very wearable. Also, we just love this photo of Freddy on a swing! Didn’t we just say he was fun?


3. Peter of The Hobbyists. Besides showcasing some stellar photography (we can thank girlfriend Bethany for some of it), Peter of the Hobbyists has a sort of California cool-casual style that we think could be very inspirational to anyone seeking an easygoing kind of dapper. Not much of a suit guy, Peter dresses up jeans, sneakers and tees like no other.


4. Edward of Edward’s Hair. Edward has a strong affinity to cool sneaks, and that’s one of the reasons we have a strong affinity towards him. He has an array of cool kicks that he manages to wear flawlessly with any of his dapper duds, adding a bit of sporty to his ensembles, which range from denim looks to suits with ties. We also find his facial expressions (and sometimes lack of them) amusing – sometimes he turns away from the camera or covers his face altogether. As an answer to someone who asked him, “Why do you always look so angry in your pictures?” Edward said, “Because blogging makes me angry.” Which leads to the last reason we love him – a biting, witty sense of humor.


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MARCH 29, 2013 BY SARAH Coachella Outfit Inspiration

All the Instagram pictures of wristbands have probably tipped you off that Coachella is coming, and with that, the floodgates of festival season are officially O.P.E.N.

Well, we think that whether you’re going to Coachella, doing Nochella, or staying at home for some co-chillin’ with friends, this is the opportune moment to get in the festival spirit, sport a maxi and listen to some good vibe tunes (if not some live tunes). To get your gears going while you plan out your suitcase or just your weekend, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fest-worthy outfits for your wardrobe inspiration. Next stop? Indio.













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Model Muse: Abbey Lee Kershaw

With New York Fashion Week around the corner, we’re geared up to not only get excited about clothes and trends, but also about our favorite models of all time. The era of the supermodel may be dead, but that doesn’t mean that some of this rare breed still pops up from time to time, including the incomparable Abbey Lee Kershaw. An Australian beauty who was discovered on an Aussie beach by the same scout who discovered Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris, Kershaw managed to walk 29 runways in her debut Fashion Week in 2008. By 2012, she ranked number five on’s list of top 50 models and was announced the New Supermodel by V Magazine, all before deciding to turn her attention to acting instead. Now 28 years old, with movies like Mad Max: Fury Road under her belt, Kershaw is poised to take over the acting world too.

And did we mention that she has a shoe line coming out later this year with Superga?  She’s amazing.











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