Blog: Crossroads Style

May 5th, 2017 by Samantha Weaver Sneak Peek at our Summer Jewelry Collection!

With summer fast approaching, make sure your accessories are as fresh as those new white jeans you just picked up. Come shop Crossroads’s newest selection of jewelry! From bright earrings to novelty necklaces, we’ve got great styles coming to a store near you.

Left to right: Gold Bar ($16.50); Pink Crystal ($18.50); Mini Knife; ($18.50) Ornate Knife ($25)


7Top to bottom: Barbell Choker ($12.50); Opalescent Pendant ($15); Rosegold Circle ($16.50)


5Left to right: Tassel Choker ($10.50); Abalone Moon ($20); Gold Whistle ($12)


3Turquoise Fringe Earring ($18.50); Rainbow Arrowhead Necklace ($25)


1Neon Chandelier Earring ($10.50; Colorful Marble Studs ($9.50)


6Left to right: Gold Tomahawk Necklace ($12.50); Octagon on Chain ($9.50);  Golden Rectangle ($9.50)


Come shop our jewelry and specialty cases this weekend at Crossroads!