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April 26, 2022 Find a Bold Stripe Shirt

One of the trends you’ll see in our current seasonal selling guide is bold stripes. We love them in pants, maxi skirts, and dresses. Let’s narrow in on the trend a bit more though and focus on bold stripe shirts.

Some people shy away from stripes, but in so many ways, a striped shirt can be seen as a neutral. Make a striped piece stand out by keeping the rest of the look simple, or match it with florals, solids, prints, and even more stripes!

You also have the option of a basic 2-color stripe, or a multi-colored striping in rich, bright colors. It’s hard to get the look wrong.

Keep scrolling to see bold stripes done well.

photo of person in bold stripe shirt

photo of bold stripe shirt

photo of person in bold stripe shirt

photo of person in blazer and tee

photo of person in shirt and jeans

photo of person in bright colors

Besides bold stripe shirts, there are 29 other trends that we’re currently looking for over here in our seasonal selling guide. Which ones suit you best?

If you’re ready to give bold stripes a go, visit any of our store locations to find the piece that speaks to you. Then, share your look with us on Instagram by tagging @crossroadstrading for a chance to be on our brand feed.



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