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December 19, 2023 Casual New Year’s Eve Outfits

The countdown is near, and casual New Year’s Eve outfits may be what you have in mind.

We covered fancier looks recently, but we know the appeal of an evening at home with friends, watching a holiday movie or listening to everyone’s playlists from the year. After all, sometimes the best dance floors are in our living rooms!

If you’re signed up for a casual New Year’s Eve, we have some outfit inspiration for you.

Monotone Cozy

From the teddy bear coat to the sweatsuit and handbag, all of these pieces are New Year’s Eve cozy. However, something about the monotone palette elevates the look.

Woman wearing a teddy bear coat over a sweatsuit

Standout Sweater

When we want to show up in jeans and flats, we count on an impeccable sweater to dress up the look.

a woman wearing an example of a casual New Year's Eve outfit, an oversized striped sweater with relaxed jeans and ballet flats

Navy & Black

This color combination scares off a lot of people, and that’s what makes it extra special and so chic.

A man wearing an example of a casual New Year's Eve outfit, a navy blue turtleneck, black pants, and a denim buttondown

Sweater & Slip Skirt

It’s a look that’s easy to pull together and comfortable for an evening in, while still showing off some of your favorite winter pieces.

A woman wearing an example of a casual New Year's Eve outfit, a brown sweater and tan slip skirt with sneakers

Leather/Faux Leather Pants

You can pair these with anything from a soft sweater to a silk blouse to a white tee.

A woman wearing black leather pants with a wheat-colored turtleneck sweater and black ankle boots

Sweater Vest & Wide-Leg Trousers

You know how we love a sweater vest! Pair it with wide-leg trousers for a sophisticated casual look.

A woman wearing a light green sweater vest with oversized olive trousers and white sneakers


With a beautiful overcoat like this wool camel one, you can dress up any look for your New Year’s evening.

A man wearing a turtleneck and jeans with a camel coat

Looking for dressier holiday outfit options? We wrote about those too!



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