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June 25th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile How to Use Accessories to Transform a Basic Summer Outfit

Basics are a large part of my wardrobe and on any given day, I am most likely wearing a simple tee and jeans. The summer weather only exacerbates my tendency to live in basics, especially living in California where the temperatures are quite often in the ‘90s causing me to dread getting dressed. The best part about basics is that it is so easy to use simple accessories to jazz up your outfit if you wish. Basic does not have to mean drab or boring and a few simple touches can transform the vibe of an outfit.

Belt It Up

A belt can break up the monotony of a monochrome outfit and add interest to a simple outfit of a tee and jeans.
Woman using belt for summer accessories.

Hair Accessories

Practical and stylish, adding a hair accessory can jazz up a simple outfit.
Woman wearing hair accessories like a bandana with white dress.

Say it With Jewelry

From statement jewelry to layered dainty pieces, freshening up an outfit with various jewelry pieces can take an outfit from drab to fab.
Woman using jewelry as an accent for a basic outfit.

Focus on Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Choose a pair of bold shoes to take your basic outfit from drab to fab.
Woman wearing statement slides to make outfit pop.

Choose a Bold Bag

Let your bag do the talking for you and choose one with a vibrant pop of color or a bold print to pair with you tee this season.
Woman adding bag and other accesories for a white blazer and denim outfit.

Vibrant Beauty Details

One of the most fun ways to add color and extra pizazz to a basic outfit is with your makeup or nail color. There are so many beauty tutorial channels on YouTube that teach you how to wear vibrant colors and I am loving these bold looks for summer!
Woman using makeup as a beauty accessory,

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June 18th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 7 Style Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat

We love summer! It brings us vacations, lots of backyard BBQs, concert season, beach and pool weekends, and longer days. But, it also comes with some seriously brutal heat. The temperatures are rising and the last thing I want to do is get dressed. Extreme heat already tends to make me feel bloated, frizzy, and sweaty and adding a layer of fabric against my skin never sounds appealing. Luckily, there are certain ways to get dressed to ensure that we are keeping as cool as possible.
Read on below to see 7 styling tips for surviving the summer heat!

Go for Natural Fabrics

Fabrics made of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, are more breathable and lightweight than synthetic fibers, like polyester.
Blogger wearing natural fabrics to reduce heat.

Lighter Colors Absorb Less Heat

Stick to lighter colored clothing pieces as they absorb less heat, actually reflecting heat, so keeping you just a bit cooler in the brutal summer temperatures.
Woman wearing light-colored dress to absorb less heat.

Steer Clear of Denim

Yes, that even means itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie denim cut-offs. Denim traps the heat against your body. Go for linen or cotton bottoms.
Woman wearing a two-piece beige set with white lace purse.

Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

Plan outfits around looser silhouettes. The less fabric against your body, the better air can circulate and the cooler you will stay.
Woman wearing looser-fitting pants so that heat isn't trapped.

Sturdy, Flat Shoes Should Be Your Go To

Lightweight, sweat-wicking and flat strappy sandals will keep your feet dry and sweat free. This may be the reason that dad sandals are trending currently!
Close-up photo of black open-toe sandals.

Top off Your Outfit

Protect your scalp and face from UV rays. A lightweight, straw hat with ventilation is best for the hottest days of the summer.
Blogger wearing patterned off-the-shoulder blouse.

Keep Accessories Minimal

The less weighing you down – bags, jewelry, and chunky shoes included – the less heat against your skin.
Woman dressed in summer outfit with minimal accessories except for a bag.

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June 4th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 3 Ways to Style the Utilitarian Trend for Summer

The utilitarian trend for summer combines comfort and street-chic style to create a universally flattering and easy summer look. The key to styling this trend without looking safari ready is all in the details, like the fabrics, the silhouettes, and the accessories that add a feminine touch to the typically masculine characteristics of utilitarian looks. Take a look at 3 ways bloggers are wearing the utility trend this summer.

Utilitarian Accessories

A waist-cinching belt creates a flattering silhouette for a comfortable, cool and stylish utility style shirtdress. I love how Emma paired her dress with contrasting neutral accessories.
Woman wearing utilitarian trend with shirt dress.

Try a Jumpsuit

A linen or cotton jumpsuit is the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for beating the summer heat. Keep this one piece look simple and lightweight with neutral slide sandals and minimal accessories, like Natasha.
Woman wearing a jumpsuit with black accessories.

Switch Up Your Shorts

Trade your denim shorts this summer for a pair of high-waisted, belted khaki shorts for a comfortable and casual look. Julie created the perfect vacation ready look by tying an embroidered button-down top with her shorts and completing her outfit with lace-up sandals.

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May 28th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Tips for Curating an Ethical & Sustainable Wardrobe

As we learn more about the current state and possible future of our environment, we are also learning more about what we can do in all facets of our lives to essentially reverse the damage as much as possible. The obvious answers are to recycle, waste less, use less energy and use more sustainable products. One area of your life that you may not have thought of that can make a difference is right in your closet. It’s not widespread understanding that the creation and disposing of clothing has a large negative impact on the environment, from water waste to toxins produced, to the landfill waste buildup.
Creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe can seem daunting, but beginning to practice just 5 simple steps is easy and will have a long-term positive impact on your quality of life.
Woman in all-white sustainable wardrobe.

Recycled Clothing

One of the best ways to begin overhauling your wardrobe is to shop at and sell your gently used pieces to recycled fashion stores, such as your local Crossroads Trading Co. Extending the life of a piece of clothing by buying used, selling to a recycled fashion store, or donating is one of the easiest (and fun!) ways to create less waste.

Shop Smarter

You don’t need to completely give up buying new pieces, but when you decide to invest in a new piece of clothing, shop smarter. Invest in pieces with longevity that you will wear time and time again, pledge to only buy something that you can wear at least three different ways, and steer away from fast fashion and mini-trend pieces, focusing on classic, versatile styles.

Seek Out Information

It may take some time, but learning about the way clothing is made or how a brand operates is important and may begin to impact your purchasing decisions. Even something as small as seeking out natural fibers like cotton instead of man-made like polyester make a considerable impact because the creation and recycling of the fabric has a  less harmful impact on the environment.  Also, shopping brands with environmentally safe and sustainable practices will open your eyes about the harm that other methods can cause to our planet. Read The Good Trade’s guide for a rundown of some of the best fair trade and ethical fashion brands here.

Practice Proper Care & Maintenance

Properly caring for your wardrobe, whether it is an investment piece or a fast fashion item, will guarantee that it will last longer and be replaced less often. It seems more than obvious, but following the care label instructions on your garment will ensure a longer life. Another valuable practice is repairing something when it is damaged instead of throwing it out and replacing it. Invest time in learning basic sewing skills or finding a quality tailor instead of using it as an excuse to replace it with a new item.

Consume Less

Maybe the most obvious step to creating less waste in any area of your life is to consume less. For some people, this is easier said than done. I personally understand the tendency of impulse buying, especially in the age of influencers, social media status, and online shopping. An easy rule to follow when you want something, but not sure you need to add it to your overflowing closet? Sleep on it: a day, 3 days, or even a week. If the impulse subsides, you don’t need it.

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May 21st, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The Future of Fashion: Will Comfort Prevail Over Aesthetic?

The debate over comfort and style have recently come to a head. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Is it perhaps that our definition of style and the traditional aesthetic are gradually changing over time? Fashion used to be used as a way to speak to one’s social and economic status, and in some ways it still is. Not everyone can afford designer clothing and accessories and all it takes is a simple Google search to confirm the price of something, therein by being able to pigeonhole one in a category.
Maybe as time has passed and humanity has evolved, we no longer feel the need to separate ourselves by social and economic classes, thereby making us feel more comfortable with being, well (physically) more comfortable. Whatever the reason is that comfort is seeming prevailing over (traditional) style aesthetic, check out 5 trends that are more comfortable than classically stylish.

“Dad” Shoes

From trainers to “mandals”, or man sandals, the “Dad” shoe trend has been steadily gaining traction since the popularity of the chunky trainer last year. This season, the trend continues with the dad sandal, or “mandal”. While some brands are producing these sandals with more feminine touches and prints, the basic man sandal is trending on style bloggers, fashion influencers, and the runway. The rise of dad shoes, as with flat shoes in general, prove that comfort is trending over style in footwear.
Blogger wearing comfort-styled sandals.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs, or belt bags as the modern updated style has been coined, have seeming begun replacing larger bulky bags, designer bags, and trend-ridden bags. The smaller, more compact style of a belt bag is more comfortable to wear, convenient on the go, and forces us to de-clutter our lives. And let’s face it, when our purse is clean and organized, our life begins to feel more clean and organized.
Blogger wearing a suit and fanny pack

The Demise of Skinny Jeans

We will always love our skinny jeans; there is no question about that. But we have seen a rise in a more relaxed fitting denim and pant style, in general, the last few fashion seasons. I, for one, am all for this trend, of course, still loving my skinnies and wearing them with pride, but as a mom of a busy toddler, I must say that I am enjoying bottoms with a bit more room to breathe lately.
Blogger wearing wide-leg jeans.

Bike & Bermuda Shorts

While neither are my cup of style tea, I appreciate the sentiment of longer, more comfortable shorts, whether it is because they are spandex or a looser fitting knee length short, over a more traditional style of denim shorts that are cut too short and will inevitably ride up.
Blogger wearing bermuda shorts and sweater.


Athleisure has long been the uniform of many stay-at-home moms, the quick option when needing to run all the errands on a weekend, and the look of the gym rat. But athleisure has since expanded its repertoire to anyone who needs just a bit more comfort in their life.
Woman wearing comfort pieces like workout clothing.

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