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February 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: A Modern Take on Print Mixing

The forecast for spring and summer 2019 trends all have one thing in common: prints! Last year, fashion week proved that the louder, bigger, and bolder a print is, the more we will be seeing it for the upcoming season. Print mixing typically has had a reputation for only being for those who enjoy taking risks with fashion, but no matter your style, there is a way to mix prints without straying too far from your personal comfort level. I’ve gathered some inspiration below to inspire you to embrace print mixing, from modern minimalist to bold risk taker.

Combine Checkered Patterns

Combine different checkered patterns in a like color palette for a subdued modern take on the trend.
Blogger mixing checkered prints.

Pair With a Statement Blouse

Pair a printed statement blouse with a traditional print on the bottom for a playful take on the trend.
Blogger print mixing with a statement blouse

Stick to the Classics

Sticking to classic prints in black and white is a no fail way to mix your favorite prints.
Blogger wearing black and white patterns.

Invert The Color Scheme

An inverted color scheme is a perfect way to mix floral prints.
Blogger inverting color pattern.

Mix Your Stripes

You cannot go wrong mixing stripes; any color, any size, vertical or horizontal.
Blogger mixing striped prints.

Utilize a Statement Piece

Find your statement piece and choose a color from the pattern and find your second piece that focuses on that one color.
Blogger using floral prints to pair with polka dots.

Mix Your Accessories

For a more subtle try at the trend, grab an accessory with a contrasting print to your outfit.
Blogger using accessories for pattern mixing.

Find a Patchwork Piece

Not confident in your print mixing skills? Find a patchwork piece and let it do the work for you!
Blogger wearing patchwork piece.

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January 29th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways that Beige Doesn’t Have to be Bland

In the past year, we have seen vibrant colors take center stage: neons, coral, bold blues and pinks, so it’s a bit surprising that beige and brown has been such a focus of spring 2019 runway shows and trend reports. So how and why is this safe color tone competing with other playful and daring colors and trends? Beige can be used to complement stronger colors, bold fabrics, and textures. And because of all the saturated colors that have surrounded us in the last year, beige can now be used to stand out or make a statement in itself.
Take a look at some ways to style beige without feeling bland.

Mixing different shades of beige and browns will create a chic monochromatic outfit.

Blogger or a street corner wearing beige

Beige doesn’t have to mean boring; a playful print brings the safe color to a whole new level.

Blogger wearing animal print beige.

Accenting a bold color choice with a beige accessory or layer will subtly subdue your look.

Blogger pairing a beige overcoat with pink.

Unexpected fabrics, like silk or leather, add an unexpected refinement to beige and brown color tones.

Blogger wearing beige and copper dress.

Mixing different textures with different hues of beige add interest and define each layer of the outfit.

Blogger wearing brown and beige together.

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January 22nd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The Winter Coat Trends Taking Over Instagram

Instagram has become a hub for fashion inspiration, including my own daily outfits when I just can’t muster up the energy to be creative with winter dressing. When temperatures drop and your outfit ends up being covered by a giant coat anyway, it can get discouraging and I often become lazy.

I’ve been using Instagram lately and taking note from my favorite bloggers and street style stars of the winter coats they are wearing and how they are styling them to incorporate them into their outfit, not just using them as a separate outer layer. Take a look at the winter coat trends that are currently taking over Instagram #OOTDs.

Teddy Coats

These cozy coats are exactly as comfortable as they look. I’ve favored my teddy coat for years when the temeratures drop and love the playful texture that it adds.
Blogger wearing a "Teddy" winter coat at an outdoor table.

Puffer Coat

A necessity if your winters are frigid, puffer coats were long accepted as simply a way to stay warm, but recent updates to the silhouettes now have puffer coats becoming a fashion statement rather than a burden.
Blogger wearing a brow puffer coat.

Trench Coat

There is nothing more classic and sophisticated than a trench coat which will instantly elevate your winter weather outfit.
Blogger wearing a plaid trench coat.

Wool Wrap Front Coat

One of my favorite outer layers, a chic wool wrap front coat is what you see on all your favorite street style stars in the cold.
Blogger wearing wool wrap around coat.

Leather Coat

Play with the silhouette of your typical leather jacket and find a longer length leather coat to add an edge to your winter wardrobe.

Blogger layering leather jacket under a winter coat.

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December 24th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile New Year’s Eve Style Guide: How to Look Comfy and Chic

New Year’s Eve is the biggest fashion holiday of the year. Anything goes: sequins, velvet, statement pieces, prints, metallics! But after 6 weeks of indulging, family and friend parties, traveling, and holiday stress, dressing to the nines might be a bit overwhelming.  Not to fret, it is possible to dress comfortably and festive to celebrate the last of 2018 and welcome in the new year.  Take a look at 5 ways to go from comfortable to comfortable chic with a festive twist for New Year’s Eve.

A metallic silk slip dress with strappy heels may sound perfect for kissing the year goodbye, but save yourself the pain of sore feet and bitter cold by pairing a slip dress with sneakers and a chunky knit.
Metallic skirt for New Year's Eve

Sequins are an essential part of New Year’s Eve. Skip the too tight mini dress and go for a comfortable midi skirt and a seasonal knit with simple sneakers.
Blogger wearing a sequin skirt.

Nothing says holiday like the luxe feeling of velvet. Find a relaxed fitting velvet suit and pair it with flats or, you guessed it, sneakers, for a festive outfit that feels like pajamas.
Blogger wearing a velvet two piece.

An easy way to add drama for a celebratory New Year’s Eve look is to layer a sheer dress over pants or biker shorts over a bralette.
Blogger wearing a sheer dress and bralette.

Add metallic accents to instantly elevate your outfit from casual chic to casual festive.
Blogger wearing metallic accents with a knit sweater.

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December 18th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 6 Ways To Put Together The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Outfit

Have the holidays snuck up on you with no time left to even think about all the outfits you still need to put together for parties? This time of year is about spending time with loved ones, appreciating and reflecting on the year, not about stressing through wardrobe choices for a white elephant gift exchange or Christmas dinner. Putting together a festive holiday outfit can be less stressful than you think if you keep it simple. For your inspirational pleasure, take a look at my 6 tips for putting together the perfect last minute holiday outfit.

Focus on a Statement Piece
Find your favorite statement piece and let it shine by pairing it with a neutral palate.
Blogger wearing a animal print skirt as a last minute holiday outfit

Play With Textures
Go cozy this holiday season by pairing your fuzziest sweater with a teddy coat, or a cable knit over a silk slip dress.
Blogger wearing a textured sweater under a blazer.

Add Some Shine & Sparkle
When in doubt, sparkle and shine are the right choices for a festive holiday look.
Blogger wearing a metallic skirt.

Accessorize an LBD
Has an LBD ever steered you wrong?
Blogger wearing a monochromatic outfit.

Mix Festive Prints
Mix plaid and festive graphic prints to create a celebratory outfit for any holiday occasion.
Blogger wearing a tartan skirt and red jacket.

Stick to Basics
Forego all the frills! Stick to your regular outfit formula and add a festive pop of color.
Blogger wearing a patterned blazer.

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