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April 2nd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 6 Ways to Layer for Spring

Spring weather can be fickle; going from cold, to hot, and back chilly in the time between dawn and dusk. It can be dry, windy, or raining all in the span of a day. So what is the answer to battling all of these weather challenges? Layers! Layers are your best friend during the spring season and the easiest way to make it comfortably through the inconsistent weather.
Take a look at the easiest way to layer using spring essentials that you already have in your closet!

Layer Your Jackets

Lightweight outer layers like a blazer or a spring trench coat can replace your winter coats.
Woman wearing yellow blazer.

Add a Turtleneck

A long sleeve tee or a thin turtleneck will become the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Use it to layer under a summer dress, a long sleeve blouse, or under a thick cardigan.
Woman wearing turtleneck and floral jacket.

Pair a Sweater and Dress

Throw an oversized knit over your favorite summer midi for a fun juxtaposition of a chunky sweater and a flowy dress.
Two women wearing sweaters and dresses.

Jeans and a Dress?

A dress over jeans? No, we aren’t back in 2002, but the trend has cycled back and is a bold option for transitional dressing.
Woman wearing light jeans and dress.

Use Tights as a Layer

Tights are a fun way to add a layer of warmth to your springtime outfit.
Rachel wearing yellow dress.

Add a Lightweight Scarf

Trade your chunky scarves for lightweight silky scarves.
Woman wearing blue spring scarf.

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March 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: How to Pull Off the Neon Trend

Now that the weather has begun to heat up, it’s time to talk about the hottest and more daring trend of the season: neon. I’ve typically shied away from vibrant and saturated colors, but in the last year,  I have found myself experimenting with more colors that I’ve probably worn in my life; From neutrals to pastels and neon! Adding bold colors can have an empowering effect and wearing it with confidence will boost your mood and prevent you from feeling like a fluorescent highlighter.

Be Subtly Brazen

Subtle neon details and accents are an easy way to test the waters of the loud color trend.
Women wearing bright neon heels with subtle outfit.

Pair With Muted Shades

Tone down the volume of a neon piece by pairing it with a neutral, muted color like beige or brown.
Woman wearing neon with muted colors.

Bold Basics

Incorporate neon into your staple outfits with basic pieces, such as tees or pullovers, excluding print if it’s too loud for you.
Woman wearing neon sweater with black pants.

Dare to go Head to Toe

Feeling especially vivacious? Combine complementary neon colors into one outfit for a head turning look.
Woman wearing neon top and bottom.

Focus on Prints

The print of a neon piece will split the focus of the bold color and create a calmer look without erasing the excitement.
Woman wearing printed neon pieces.

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March 12th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: 6 Easy Staples to Prepare You for Spring

It may be hard to start thinking about your spring wardrobe when it’s still freezing in the majority of the country, but spring officially graces us with its presence next week and the sun will be coming out sooner than we know it. Spring can be a hard season to style during, with the fickle weather throughout the day going from cold mornings to warm afternoons and chilly evenings. Being prepared with lightweight layers and easy pieces to throw on will make dressing this season a breeze.
Check out 6 easy-to-wear spring staples that should be in your wardrobe once those temperatures rise and the sun shines.


A lightweight, casual alternative to denim, the chino pant is making a comeback as an easy to style and wear neutral staple piece.
Blogger wearing khaki chinos.

Utility Jacket

The ultimate in casual cool, a utility jacket is the perfect layering piece for fickle spring weather.
Blogger wearing utility jacket as the idea of spring staples.


Flat or heeled, mules are the easiest wear and go shoe of the season to instantly add a chic element to your outfit.
Woman wearing mules with jeans and jacket.

Light Wash Relaxed Denim

It’s all about comfort this spring. Give your legs some breathing room this season and grab a pair of relaxed jeans in a light wash.
Blogger wearing light wash denim and a hoodie.

Straw Bag

Nothing screams warm weather more than the reappearance of the seasonal straw bag.
Woman wearing brown pants with shirt and straw bag.

Midi Dress & Skirt

The mid-length dress and skirt trend is perfect for the transitional season and can be styled so many ways, with chunky knits and boots to tees and sneakers.
Woman wearing a bright orange skirt with orange accessories.

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March 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: Surprising Spring Accessory Trends

Every season we see recycled trends reemerge and this season it’s all about the throwback accessory! Fashion girls and guys have been taking inspiration from the decade that we just can’t seem to let go. Check out the most surprising spring accessory trends that we are starting to see populate Instagram and street style stars this season.


Your favorite childhood accessory is back with a modern fashion update. From padded velvet and embellished headbands to silk ribbons, the simple hair accessory is an easy and functional accent to your look.
blogger wearing headband as an accessory.

Hair Clips

Barrettes and clips are suddenly adorning the hair of street style stars and can create a traditionally feminine look or an edgy fashion statement.
Photo of designer hair clip accessories.

Bucket Hats

The most surprising spring accessory may just be none other than the bucket hat. Brave fashion girls and guys have been making the bucket hat look cool, and if you’re tempted to give it a go, look for a modern take on the old school accessory, like a leather version.
Man wearing a bucket hat as spring accessory.

Sport Sandals

Sport sandals have become a bonafide Instagram trend among the fashion crowd. Comfortable and functional, can they really be fashionable? Designers and street style stars seem to think so!
Blogger pairing sandals with a dress.

Colorful Tights

Liven up your look with a pair of bold opaque tights for a vibrant transitional look!
Woman wearing colorful tights.

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February 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 5 Ways to Wear Pink

We recently talked about how beige and browns are the surprising color trend of the season, but that’s not to say that the luminous pastels and bright neons that we fell in love with last year are going anywhere. In fact, if fashion week’s runways and this years’ red carpet looks are any indication – which, of course, they are – colors like marigold, fiery reds, living coral, bold blues, and vibrant pink will be on everyone’s style radar.

One of the biggest surprises is the resurgence of those vibrant pink shades. Pink can be somewhat of a difficult color to style. How do you wear pink without looking too adolescent? How does pink fit into a modern fashion world that totes sleek, chic pieces in subdued colors? Take a look at some outfit inspiration of how to dress pretty in pink in a modern world.

Tailored Separates

Tailored pieces will contrast the femininity of pink and add strength to create a chic look.
Blogger wearing a pink suit.


Second layers in feminine colors are especially beautiful as we come into the spring season and a great way to liven up an outfit of neutral colors or compliment an outfit of like hues of pinks and red.
Blogger wearing pink overcoat.

Add Texture

Textured knits and bottoms in soft hues and pastel pinks create a feminine look without looking like a bubblegum princess.
Blogger wearing two different textured pink pieces.

Wear With Similarly Bright Colors

Pink doesn’t have to be the focus of your outfit. Paired with similarly bright colors will tone down the vivaciousness of the punchy hue.
Blogger wearing bright pink pieces.

Wear as an Accent Color

Of course, the best way to incorporate a color you may not be totally comfortable with, but interested in trying, is to use it as an accent color, like an accessory or a color within a printed piece.
Blogger with bright pink purse.

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