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July 16th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Use Instagram for Style Inspiration

Instagram has quickly taken over and become my favorite way to find style and outfit inspiration. With all the features added over the last couple of years, it’s become an all-encompassing app, combining the best features of Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs all in one easy app that we are, honestly, already on all day long. It can be a bit overwhelming so I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the 5 features of Instagram that are best used for organizing your style inspiration!

Organize via Categories

It took me some time to get into the categories feature on Instagram because I felt that in a way, it was just too similar to Pinterest, which I am already horrible at keeping up with. But, once I started using it, I realized how much better it was! Not only can I save posts that I want to go back and read in more detail later but categorizing my style inspo very specifically makes it so much easier to find something than scrolling through all the posts I’ve “liked.” For example: “summer athleisure” or “summer tees” instead of an all-encompassing “summer style.” Also, the “See more like this” option shows similar posts to ones you’ve saved, which is fun to explore.
Photo of Instagram organization.

Follow Hashtags

I realized recently that I use hashtags when I post, but I very rarely click on them via other posts to explore. Who has the time! I have recently discovered that you can actually follow hashtags. This feature can be used strategically to boost your visibility to others if you’re looking for followers but my favorite thing about it is how much I’ve discovered that I normally would not have without exploring a hashtag. The posts within the hashtag you follow will appear just as others do from accounts you follow. Again being more specific about which you follow will help to not over saturate your feed i.e. “summerOOTD” over “OOTD.”
Screencap of a hashtag search.

Who Your Favorite Style Influencers are Following & Liking

It only makes sense that we would enjoy what our favorite style influencers like and follow. I love to see deeper into where my favorite style accounts get their inspiration from and have discovered new accounts that I absolutely love just by browsing the accounts they follow and seeing what posts they like.
Screencapture of a user's followers on Instagram.

Browse IGTV

Has anyone else been a bit slow to jump on the IGTV train? I feel like because many of my favorite style accounts took more time to begin using this feature that I dismissed it and never checked it out. Now that I’ve noticed more and more accounts and style bloggers have been using it, I’ve finally spent some time on it and I just may be sold! IGTV is such a great space to see style come alive and it just a bit quicker and less time consuming that YouTube, and you don’t have to change apps!
A screencap of IGTV channel options.

“Share to” Feature

This is a little simpler, but I love that I can share a post via text, email, or even Pinterest if I want to save it outside of Instagram. Even with categories, Instagram can be overwhelming and saving a post outside of the app allows me to find it just a bit quicker or sending it via text makes it easier for a friend to view rather than tagging them, which can become muddled in all their other notifications. I’ve found that this feature is particularly useful when I’m shopping for a similar look I’ve found on Instagram, so I don’t have to wade through my account to find it and therefore become distracted.
Screencap of an option to share an Instagram post.

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July 15th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Trend Report: Silk Scarves for Summer

This summer season has been full of stylish micro-trends, from tie-dye to bucket hats, but lately I am loving the fact that feminine silk scarves are totally making a comeback! Silk scarves were a favorite accessory of old Hollywood starlets (think Grace Kelly or Bridget Bardot) and they were the perfect piece to add to any outfit to make it feel a bit more European-chic! Modern day fashionistas are taking this retro-accessory and wearing it in unique and stylish ways, making the trend feel totally fresh. Whether you wear them up in your hair or tied around your favorite handbag, a silk scarf is the perfect summer accessory to add a hint of old-Hollywood glam to your summer outfits! I’ve rounded up a few totally chic ways we’re seeing this accessory incorporated in summer looks!

Wear it as A Top

If you can snag a scarf that is slightly longer, push your style limits a bit and try wearing it as a summer top this season!
Woman using summer scarves as a top for the beach.

In Place of a Hat

For the ultimate old-Hollywood vibe, wear a feminine silk scarf on you head, tied loosely around your neck. Plus this is a fantastic way to camouflage a bad hair day!
Woman drinking wine and reading a book with a scarf over her head.

On A Handbag

Jazz up your favorite summer handbag with a vibrant silk scarf!
Blogger tying scarves on a straw purse.

In your Hair

Add some Parisian flair to your summer look by wearing this accessory as a hair tie on a warm and sunny day!
Woman tying a scarf to her ponytail outside.

On Your Neck

Wrap a long and thin scarf around your neck in place of a necklace for some fashion-forward flair!
Blogger wearing a darker scarf over a dress.

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July 11th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Celebrity Vacation Style to Inspire Your Summer Getaway

‘Tis the season of vacations! Whether you’re road tripping for the weekend or jetting across the globe for a long sabbatical from everyday life, summertime is the perfect time for a getaway from your typical routine. One of the biggest stressors when planning a vacation? “What am I going to pack?” Cue panic and a full-on closet clean out. Not to worry! Thanks to Instagram, our favorite stylish celebrities have graced us with the vacation style inspo we need to pack properly no matter where we are going!

A Simple Shirt Dress

It’s no surprise that our favorite lifestyle guru, Gwyneth Paltrow, makes a simple, breezy shirt dress look so chic during her summer vacation.
Actress wearing shirt dress outside on vacation.

Versatile Two-Piece Set

Beyonce has perfected a day to night look, from the yacht to dinner, in a two-piece maxi set.
Musician wearing two-piece pink set in water on vacation.

European Chic

Fashion Icon, Jennifer Lopez, works hard and plays hard! She dons the chicest dress on her Italian vacation.
Celebrity couple wearing white on European steps.

Vibrant Sundress

Take Julianne Hough’s lead and pack a cheerful sundress that you can dress up or wear casually.
Woman wearing vibrant sundress on vacation.

A Slip Dress for Any Occasion

Ashley Graham knows that a slip dress can work for any occasion!
Woman walking through sand in a slip dress.

Color Coordinated Couple

Our favorite newlyweds, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas, color coordinate for date night during their Italian getaway.
Couple wearing matching outfits against a wall on vacation.

Ultimate Comfort

Chrissy Teigen shows us how to properly spend a vacation in luxurious comfort.
Celebrity wearing comfortable black piece.

Sultry Summer

No summer vacation is complete a bathing suit that makes you feel like a Goddess, like this stunner Gian Rodriguiz brought on her getaway.
Woman getting out of the pool in swimwear,

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July 10th, 2019 by Melanie Sutrathada 5 Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If there’s anything we’re most excited for this summer, it’s all of the wedding festivities that are about to start. When it comes to celebrating the lovely couple, it never hurts to put a little extra thought into what you’re going to wear for their big day. To get you started on narrowing down your outfit choices, we’ve put together this handy guide. Scroll on to navigate different dresses you can wear to a summer wedding below.


This gingham sundress is a clear winner when it comes to summer wedding dresses because it’s flattering on all body types. Bring a light cardigan for when the temperatures drop at night.
Woman wearing light blue dress as summer wedding option.

Off the Shoulder

Who could resist an off-the-shoulder dress during wedding season? We’re loving how the slit gives you a lot of wiggle room to dance the night away.
Woman in off-the-shouler dress outside as summer wedding idea.


This striking cut-out dress will have heads turning all night long.
Woman wearing dress with cut-out details and straw purse.


Anyone else a firm believer that you can never be too dressed up? If you feel the same, try a classy chiffon dress with lace details like this one.
Woman wearing a nude dress with lace detailing outside of a building


Never underestimate the power of a pretty floral dress at a wedding. Just look at the shoulder ties and ruffled hem on Jen’s dress! Style points to you if you find a cute dress with just as dainty details.
Woman wearing floral dress as summer wedding option.

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July 9th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile How to Incorporate Swimwear into Everyday Summer Outfits

As we have swiftly reached the middle of the summer season, I’ve noticed that I’ve practically ended up living in my swimwear during the weekends. A swimsuit can essentially be used as an even trade for a bodysuit, crop, or tank top in just about any summer outfit. Save time and extend your precious summer moments by making your swimsuit the star of your outfit. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to incorporate swimwear into everyday summer outfits to take you from the beach to brunch and the pool to dinner!

Double Duty for Your Bikini Top

Pair your two-piece top with a high waist midi skirt for a pool to date night ready look.
Woman wearing a swimwear top outside.

Trade Your Bodysuit for a Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is essentially a bodysuit, so why not simply throw your favorite bottoms over your one-piece after you’ve dried off and ready to move on to the next spot? A suit with feminine details, like scalloped edges or ruffle sleeves will add some fun interest to your look.
Woman wearing swimwear ruffled top with denim shorts.

A Bandeau for a Bandeau

Give your typical bandeau a break and trade it for your swim bandeau top under a sheer top or as a crop to save time going from sunbathing to dinner and drinks.
Woman in a garden wearing a swimwear bandeau.

Sheer Action

Remember that naked dress trend from last season? Throw it on over your one-piece for an acceptable way to wear that hard to style trend out in public.
Woman wearing a white sheer maxi gown over a bathing suit.

From Day to Night

Throw on a pair of jeans and accessorize with jewelry and a belt and your simple bathing suit has officially gone from day to night!
Woman wearing multi-colored swimming top and trousers.

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