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December 21, 2023 How to Sell Clothes for Cash

Selling clothes for cash is quick and easy at Crossroads stores.

Crossroads storefront

Stop In Anytime

Unlike online marketplaces or selling apps, you can bring in all your clothes to a Crossroads store and try to sell them all at once.

No individual photographs, no caption writing, no buyer questions, no post office runs!

Crossroads stores buy all day every day and don’t require an appointment. That makes it even more convenient.

You just stop in, sign up to sell on our waitlist, and wait to be called. Our trained buyers assess and purchase items on the spot.

And even better: you can collect your cash before you leave the store.

two people holding Crossroads shopping bags after getting cash for clothes

Another Option: Store Credit

When our buyers are done, you’ll have the option to take your payout as cash or trade. Trade is store credit that can be used at any Crossroads location, and it’s the perfect way to refresh your closet with new finds.

Many of our sellers use trade as a way to “revolve” their wardrobes with excellent secondhand finds.

Crossroads Sell by Mail

Want cash for clothes but don’t have a Crossroads nearby, or you’re feeling short on time? Try our Sell by Mail program instead! Here’s how it works: order a bag online, fill it with the freshly-laundered and gently used items you want to sell, and send it off. It comes with a pre-paid postage label, and you can choose to have unpurchased items donated or returned to you.

Whichever selling method you choose, Crossroads makes it easy to sell your pre-loved clothes quickly.