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December 28, 2023 How Clothing Consignment Works at Crossroads

Clothing consignment is one the selling options at Crossroads stores that you might not know about.

We’re most popular for our on-the-spot cash and trade payouts, but for higher-end designer clothing and accessories, consignment can be a better match.

a designer handbag for clothing consignment

Consignment = Higher Cash Payouts

With consignment, you won’t get paid until your item sells–and trade credit isn’t offered–but cash payouts are higher on consignment items. That’s a key benefit that’s hard to overlook!

Take a peek at our latest payout percentages. Notice that for some items you could earn up to 70%.

For payout amounts, contact store.

Vivienne Westwood bag that would make a great clothing consignment piece

Like all items we sell, we’re looking for pre-loved pieces in excellent condition. Consignment is ideal for popular designer labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, and Fendi. You know, just the most coveted designer labels out there!

How to Consign

When you visit your local Crossroads store to sell, simply ask the buyer about consignment. They’ll work with you to determine if it’s the best selling option for your piece.

Our well-trained buyers can also quote you on the best selling price for your item.

You’ll be walked through the steps and asked to complete a consignment contract. The store takes care of the rest!

Have an item you think is perfect for consignment? Bring it into your local Crossroads to discuss. No appointment is necessary.