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March 23, 2023 Fashion Buyer Jobs in Sustainable Fashion

Fashion buyer jobs are a popular choice for people who love fashion. Selecting pieces to sell in a fashion store based on the latest trends, labels, and styles is easy for people who follow fashion shows and coverage.

What can make a fashion buyer’s job even more exciting, though, is when it’s for a sustainable fashion company. This is where fashion resale is an excellent fit!

photo of resale buyer

In the example of our stores, our buyers purchase gently used clothing from the public. This means they are responsible for curating the store’s entire selection based on what’s popular with their local customers. The pre-loved clothes they buy into the store get a chance at a second life in a new closet, in turn keeping clothes out of landfill.

This important buying role involves having a keen eye for what’s selling and what shoppers are asking for. Then, the fun begins, looking for those pieces at our selling counter daily.

photo of resale buyer showing fashion buyer jobs

On top of these career perks, our fashion buyer jobs include an employee discount, meaning that our employees have incredible wardrobes made up of their thrifted finds.

If this sounds like a potential career match for you, we’d love to hear from you! You can read about all of our current job openings and benefits here.