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January 14, 2021 70’s Inspired Fashion in 9 Pieces

There’s no doubt that 70’s inspired fashion is back, and today we’re sharing 9 pieces from our store racks that capture the look. Each one highlights a major 70’s trend. How many of these do you have in your closet?

1. Mini

Mini dresses and skirts are a classic pick from this decade, especially with ankle boots added. Layer with tights, a long-sleeved shirt and beanie to make it winter-proof.

mini dress with turtleneck

2. Earth Tones

Colors alone can capture this trend. Look for brown, rust, orange and moss green.

Polka dot dress

3. Celestial

Prints that feature the stars, moon and sun hint at the decade. We like how this outfit is layered with a zodiac pendant.

Celestial Print Dress

4. Bright Floral

We mean really bright, with really big florals. Could these boots be any more perfect?

Floral Print Boots

5. Skater

You don’t even need a skateboard in hand to pull this look off. Just think about That 70’s Show and ask yourself: “What would Kelso wear?”

Ripped jeans with t-shirt and sneakers

6. Corduroy

It was everywhere, and it’s back. Here’s a modern Madewell take on it that we want in our closet.

Rust Colored Corduroy Jacket

7. Bold Print

Wear a bold print with a neutral, or go all in and add a second bold print. This outfit goes one step further with a gold-buckle weave belt.

8. Throwback

When shopping, look for throwback brands, bands and fonts.

Vintage Sweatshirts

9. Faux Fur

A big faux fur coat or jacket will blend the 70’s trend with your winter need to stay warm. We’re partial to faux rabbit-fur for a 70’s nod.

Faux Fur Jacket

Are you currently inspired by 70’s fashion? If so, stop in and shop our store racks to find even more.


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