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February 23, 2023 8 Fun Fashion Prints for Spring

Spring fashion prints are starting to arrive on our racks, and it has us asking each morning: is it spring yet?

Each season brings us a new crop of trends to swap into our wardrobes, and spring is extra special for the prints that emerge. Here are 8 we love to see!

1. Designer

We are always drawn to a signature designer print, like the one on this sweater by Missoni.

photo of designer print

2. Floral

It wouldn’t be a list of best spring prints without including florals! They make every spring print list, and for good reason – they’re an ideal match.

photo of floral print dress

3. Neon

Bright colors fit the spring season so well, and that’s what makes it time for neon prints.

photo of person in neon fashion prints

4. Houndstooth

This print doesn’t need to stay in fall and winter. Transition to light sweaters and tees, but keep those houndstooth prints around.

photo of houndstooth pants

5. Geometric

Checks and pinstripes look amazing on their own, but even better together.

photo of an outfit with geometric fashion prints

6. Vintage

Retro prints are still making the scene, so keep thrifting those recognizable prints.

photo of person in vintage print top

7. Plaid

In spring, we move to plaids in lighter colors but never shy away from mixing multiple ones for a bold effect.

photo of outfit with mutliple plaid prints

8. Stripes

We’re forever and always committed to stripes and love when they re-emerge each spring.
photo of person in a striped shirt

Now go and shop any of our store locations for your favorite spring fashion prints, and bring in your pre-loved clothing to sell for cash or store credit.


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