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December 2, 2021 What’s the Fastest Way to Sell My Clothes?

Today we answer the common question about secondhand fashion and making money: what is the fastest way to sell my clothes? Maybe you’ve just cleaned out your closet and want to find your pre-loved clothes a new home. Or maybe you’re looking for some quick holiday cash.

At Crossroads Trading, we give you 4 options to meet your specific needs and desire for convenience. Here, we’ve ranked them by the amount of time each takes.

1. In-Person (Same Day)

By far, the fastest way to sell your clothes is to visit one of our store locations nationwide (except for our outlet store in Stockton). No appointment is necessary, our in-store buyers evaluate and price your clothing on the spot, and you receive cash or store credit before you leave. The only requirements are that you’re at least 18 (or accompanied by an adult) and have a valid photo ID.

You can make the process even quicker by adding your name to our selling list from home using the Crossroads Trading Waitlist App.

Model Using Phone

2. Drop Off (2-3 Days)

Most of our stores offer a drop-off service (You can check your local store location page to confirm). Simply let a buyer know you’d like to drop off your items, complete a brief form, and be on your way. Sellers have the option to return for cash or store credit after 48-72 hours (varies by store) or have store credit held on file until their next visit.

3. By Mail (6-8 Weeks)

Don’t have a Crossroads in your neighborhood? You can still sell to Crossroads with our mail-in service. Request a bag and we’ll send you a roomy one with a pre-paid return shipping label. The graphic below shows you all the steps of this service.

Crossroads Sell by Mail Timeline

4. Consignment (Varies)

For your designer and higher-end items, our stores offer a consignment option with payouts of up to 70% in cash (see below). You receive payment when the item sells, so the time involved can vary. However, this is an excellent choice for you if you have designer pieces and extra time to wait in return for a higher cash payout.

Consignment Payout Chart

With our 4 selling options, you can choose the method that works best for you. Whichever you choose, check out our seasonal selling guide first to see the fashion trends we’re currently looking for.