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August 5, 2021 First Glance at Fall Trends

Every year as our calendars turn to August, we woefully mourn the end of summer before remembering it’s time for our first glance at fall trends. Fall is quite possibly the best fashion season, because no matter your age, it feels tied to back-to-school season and the chance at a brand new look. Plus, it promises layers and layers of goodness. There are not only dresses and pants to consider, but jackets and coats and accessories!

We’ve published our online Fall Selling Guide, where you can see the 30 trends we have top of mind. Then, to get you excited about what’s to come in just a few weeks, we’re highlighting 6 of those trends right here.

1. Chunky Boots

Wear these with absolutely everything. They’ll take you through to next spring.

photo of person in chunky boots

2. Colored Leather

Leather pieces are even more special in a vibrant hue. Matching nail tips not required, but ah-mazing.

photo of teal leather coat

3. Cropped Tops

A current favorite that will carry well into fall. Plan for cropped jackets too!

photo of 2 people in cropped tops

4. Vests

Wear vests alone at the start of fall, then add layers as the weather cools.

photo of person in sweater vest

5. Statement Tees

These are officially considered a basic now, and we just can’t stop stocking our closets with them.

photo of assorted t-shirts

6. 2000’s Fashion

Well, if this Juicy Couture tracksuit doesn’t sum it up, we don’t know what does.

photo of person in tracksuit

This was only a first glance at fall trends: take a look at our entire Fall Selling Guide to see the 24 other trends we’re planning to stock our stores with. Then, get excited thinking about the ones you’ll be wearing this fall. We’ll see you at the shopping racks!

P.S. It’s a great time to sell your pre-loved fall items for cash or store credit to buy new pieces. Learn more here.



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