Blog: Crossroads Style

December 27, 2022 Q&A with Christina of @fivetwoandmore

We’re always paying attention to your Instagram tags, and Christina of @fivetwoandmore caught our attention when she shared her #crossroadsfinds. We reached out to see if she’d tell us more about her personal style (she focuses on petite fashion!), and her love of secondhand fashion. Read on to learn more about her.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, Christina.
Hi, Thrifting Community! I’m Christina, a native New Yorker from Queens. I’m a full-time lawyer who likes to express herself through her style.


As a creative outlet, I began sharing my fashion journey as a petite female on Instagram. I share how to style clothes for a petite figure and how to find affordable pieces while remaining stylish and feeling good in what you wear.


That’s not the only thing I like to share. I love to share the amazing food I get to enjoy no matter where I am, beauty products for sensitive skin, and all the new places I get to travel to and explore. Join me as I balance my worlds and make the most of the moment and my wardrobe.
photo of christina @fivetwoandmore


How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is hard to explain. It truly depends on the occasion and how I feel. One moment I’m feeling very feminine, girly, and flirty, another moment I’m feeling comfy and cozy, and another moment I’m feeling sporty and street. My wardrobe and my style cover many bases. You can find me styling most things except for the color pink.


photo of Christina


Thank you for tagging your #crossroadsfinds! How did you find our stores?
I was raised to always find the best deal or sale, which ultimately led me to thrifting and secondhand clothing. I wasn’t aware that I could find brand new with tags or barely worn clothes from brands that I love for such a steal and affordable price. Once I learned about thrifting and secondhand clothing, I looked for stores in New York where I could shop and found Crossroads Trading in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


photo of christina @fivetwoandmore


You’re in one of our favorite fashion cities: New York! Are you noticing any NY fashion trends on the rise?
What I love about New York is all the different fashion trends and styles people are following. It can easily depend on the neighborhood and season. Recently, I’ve noticed certain trends that are coming back that were trends when I was really young. Some trends I’ve noticed include dad sneakers, looser/baggier bottoms, chunky boots or loafers, reusable totes as purses, and vintage luxury pieces.


photo of christina @fivetwoandmore


What would be your dream secondhand fashion find? 
A luxury dream find would be a Dior handbag or Jimmy Choo mule. They’re nice to have, but not a need. A non-luxury dream find would be a black leather jacket with an asymmetrical zipper. I used to have one that no longer fits and became very frayed. It’s definitely a staple I want back in my closet.


photo of christina


A big thank you to Christina for taking the time to tell us more about her personal style, and what she’s seeing on the streets of NYC these days. You can admire all of Christina’s fashion finds on Instagram at @fivetwoandmore. You can join us there too!