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October 26, 2023 The Flannel Fashion Trend

The flannel fashion trend has a curious way of turning up time and time again.

Maybe it’s the way it easily evokes fall and winter vibes, or maybe it’s the way it’s so easy to wear.

This year sees flannel fashion going strong again. We even featured it in our most recent selling guide.

We all know that flannel pairs perfectly with denim, but here are a few ways to style it that maybe you haven’t tried before.

With Maxi Skirts

A flannel will always be your go-to with pants and boots, but see if you can style it with your favorite maxi skirts this season.

woman wearing flannel shirt with tank top, skirt, and boots

As a Mini

Flannel shirts look great oversized and can even be belted to create a mini dress.

Wear with This Season’s Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are everywhere this season, and flannel shirts make a great pairing.

man with flannel shirt, t-shirt, and cargo pants

Try a Flannel Jacket or Coat

There is more than the classic flannel shirt. We’re seeing a lot of structured flannel jackets and coats in stores this year.

Woman with a jacket, white tee, and brown cargo pants

Man with jacket, black tee, and khaki pants

woman with long flannel jacket over beige tank top and sweatpants

The flannel fashion trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so stop into any of our stores to sell or shop your flannel pieces.


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