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October 4, 2022 Trending: This Floral Fashion Style

Floral fashion pieces feel like they’re always trending, but this fall season has a particular floral print standing out from the rest. It’s the homestead floral print, and its prints are inspired by the pretty and delicate ones you find on tea towels or linens.

You’ll know the print when you see it because it’s dainty and has a prairie feel. It’s usually in earthy tones too. We’ve included this special floral under the “homestead chic” style listed in our most recent seasonal selling guide.

This floral fashion print is a departure from bigger and bolder ones we’ve seen in recent years. Keep an eye out for them when shopping at any of our store locations, and keep scrolling to see a few examples of this floral fashion print.

photo of person wearing floral fashion

photo of person wearing floral fashion

photo of person wearing floral fashion

photo of person in printed dress

photo of person in printed skirt

The print looks perfect on dresses, skirts, blouses, and aprons. You’ll usually find it in light cotton fabric, and it matches as well with denim as a soft neutral cardigan.

If you’ve incorporated homestead chic into your fall wardrobe, we want to see how you’re styling it! Tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading, and you might find your look on our brand feed.


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