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September 14, 2021 Fresh Takes on Boucle

Boucle may conjure up images of your fancy great-aunt, Nan, but there are modern looks around it too, and it’s a style we welcome back this fall. In today’s post, let’s talk about fresh takes on boucle.

First off, we can’t talk about boucle without pointing out the iconic brand it’s associated with: Chanel. The looped yarn texture of boucle screams of the famous design house. And with that reputation, it’s no wonder that other designers repeatedly replicate the look of their popular boucle jacket. In fact, one of my favorite Crossroads purchases is a green boucle jacket by Zara that has serious Chanel vibes.

Because boucle is expected at a traditional brunch in the Upper East Side, it’s made modern by simply mixing it with more casual pieces like jeans, band t-shirts, tank tops, puffer vests, western boots, and patent leather booties. These pieces take boucle from stuffy to everyday chic.

Keep scrolling to see exactly what we mean.

photo of person in boucle jacket

photo of person in boucle jacket and puffer vest

photo of person in boucle jacket and jeans

photo of person in boucle dress

photo of person in boucle dress

photo of a boucle sweater

The last photo is one of our favorites because it introduced us to the boucle sweater! Adding that to our fashion wishlist now.

These are just a few of the fresh takes on boucle that stood out to us, but we’d love to see your boucle looks too. Tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading and we may even feature you on our brand feed. Or stop into any of our stores to find your own boucle piece. You’ll even find Chanel ones from time to time!


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