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November 16, 2021 Fun Holiday Looks with Sequins

We’re shocked too: it’s time to plan our holiday outfits! And you know we’re big fans of making them a little extra (think feathers, gem colors, faux fur, and sequins). When it comes to sequins, the only question we ask is whether we should pick a sequin skirt, pants, jacket, or dress. We know they can be styled formally, or worn casually with jeans. Best of all, they make any holiday look extra special. So, let’s check out some fun holiday looks with sequins. Keep scrolling below to see if one of these outfits inspires your holiday look this year.

photo of person in sequin dress

photo of person in sequin dress

photo of person in sequin top and jeans

photo of person in sequin outfit

photo of person in silk tank top and sequin jeans

photo of person in sequin dress

Accept enough holiday dinner invitations and you can try all 6 of these fun holiday looks with sequins! Or mix it up and create multiple on-trend looks. Besides sequins, there are plenty of other trends this winter that you should consider; just check out our seasonal selling guide for more ideas, or follow us along on Instagram to see what we’re currently styling.

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