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April 13, 2023 The Fun Patterns We’re Wearing This Season

You may have noticed we included fun patterns in our latest selling guide. But are you curious about which ones we’re talking about? No need to worry, because we have a few examples for you!

Below are some of the classic patterns we wear in spring, but there are plenty more you can find on the racks of our stores.

Romantic Florals

This print makes our list every single time.

photo of outfit with floral pattern top


Whether truly vintage or reproduced, we’re always drawn to a vintage 40s or 50s pattern for spring and summer.

photo of a vintage floral dress with fun patterns


Have we told you how much we love bright fashion right now?

photo of a person iwearing fun patterns in a bright pair of pants

Classic 90s

Get yourself a 90s print, a baby tee, and some chunky shoes, and you’ve created your new favorite outfit.

fun patterns in a 90s inspired outfit


Fashion rule #327: if you see a fashion piece with a cherry pattern, you must bring it home!

photo of a back pack with cherry print


It most likely reflects our dreams of spring break and summer vacation: we just love a tropical pattern.

photo of a tropical shirt with fun patterns

Take a glance at our latest selling guide for more seasonal trends like fun patterns. Or visit any of our store locations to shop your own style. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring and sell your unwanted, gently used clothing for cash or store credit!


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