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April 2, 2023 What is Gently Used Clothing?

“Gently used clothing” is a term you’ll hear us use often. It’s our catchall phrase for clothes that meet our quality standards for purchasing an item. It’s an important assessment measure for our fashion buyers, who buy clothing all day, every day from the public.

Photo of graphic tees

So what exactly does gently used clothing look like? Next time you’re cleaning out your closet and considering whether to sell an item to us, check for these 3 things.

1. Minimal Wear

You know the pieces that you wear infrequently. They’re the ones you fell in love with on the rack but not when you took them home. Maybe you tried wearing the piece a few times only to decide it didn’t fit quite right. Or maybe you could never figure out exactly what to pair it with. This fashion piece has been passed over by you multiple times. It shows minimal signs of wear because you just don’t love wearing it.

2. No Signs of Damage

In a perfect world, we’d have an in-house team of tailors to sew on missing buttons or replace broken zippers, but alas, that’s not the case. Our buyers only buy in pieces that are ready to wear by their new owner. No extra work involved!

3. Freshly Laundered

Clothes that are freshly laundered are much more likely to find a new home! So while a name brand coat may be vintage in age, giving it some special attention like a dry clean could revive it to selling quality.


Now go spring clean your closets and get ready to sell your gently used clothing to Crossroads!