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January 19, 2021 The Gilet: A Fashion Secret for Winter Warmth

I’m a California girl newly introduced to the chilly winters of Strasbourg, France, and I didn’t realize I’d need a gilet for winter. In fact, I didn’t really know what a gilet was until I started following cold-weather style and learned a gilet is the fashion secret for winter warmth.

They are outerwear vests that come in different lengths, textures, and styles, but all provide warmth without being bulky. Some are even designed as thin-fitting vests that magically provide lots of heat because of their down-feather insulation. The best part is they allow you to show off more layers in your outfit.

Scroll down to see the variety of gilets inspiring me and take notice of how they work with everything from suits to sweats. I feel warmer just looking at them.

Woman in black gilet

Man in gold gilet

Woman in yellow gilet

Woman in faux fur gilet

Furry gilet

Man in tan gilet

Woman in sweats and gilet puffer

Woman in gilet

Woman in gilet

Woman in gilet

Now let us know: if you live in a cold climate like me, is the gilet your fashion secret too? We want to see exactly how you style it! Share your look with us on Instagram by tagging @crossroadstrading, and you may find yourself featured on our feed.



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