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August 18, 2022 How to Sell Clothes to a Resale Store

There are no really big secrets about how to sell clothes to a resale store because the process is actually pretty simple and similar in different stores.

However, we know it helps to know what to expect when you fill up a bag of your gently-used clothes and bring them to a store like Crossroads Trading to sell.

So let us walk you through the steps and show you how easy it is. Remember, you can earn cash or store credit when you buy-sell-trade!

1. Look at the Store Racks

We always recommend stopping into the store first as a shopper. This way, you learn what styles and labels the buyers are looking for. If you don’t have time to do that in advance, many stores offer an online selling guide that will give you ideas.

photo of person in a resale store

2. Bring Your Bag of Clothing into the Store

Make sure the items are damage-free and freshly washed. Make an appointment if the store requires it (Crossroads doesn’t. We buy from the public all day every day).

photo of customer leaving with a bag

3. Add Your Name to the Waitlist

You’ll usually find a list at the selling counter. At Crossroads, you do this on the tablet there. Or, you can even add your name to the waitlist before you leave home with the Crossroads app.

photo of person adding their name to a waitlist

4. Wait for a Buyer to Call You

A buyer will call your name when it’s your turn to sell. You can shop while they’re looking through your clothes, or watch them buy to learn why they decide to buy what they do.

photo of a resale clothing buyer

6. Redeem Your Cash or Store Credit

Once the buyer gives you the total, you can choose to redeem it for cash or store credit. At Crossroads, we pay 35% in cash or 50% in store credit (which we call “trade”).

photo of a Crossroads trade card

7. Shop the Store for Amazing Secondhand Finds

We know you got this part down. No explanation is needed. Happy shopping!

photo of person shopping for clothing