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January 24, 2023 How to Shop Sustainable Fashion

Let’s talk about how to shop sustainable fashion! This category of clothing has grown wild in popularity as people look for ways to avoid environmental waste. We’re here for this movement.

In some cases, people decide to turn to clothing made with recycled fibers or sustainable textiles. You can definitely find popular brands that focus on this, and it’s a great alternative. However, that clothing is still new and requires production.

You know that we’re partial to this next sustainable fashion solution: secondhand fashion. In fact, we buy unwanted clothing from the public every day at our store locations across the country. We take pre-loved clothing in great condition and sell it to secondhand shoppers ready to give that clothing another life.

Here is how to shop sustainable fashion that you’ll love for the long term:

  • Shop at resale fashion stores like Crossroads that sell curated clothing items, versus just donations. This means that in-store buyers have already assessed the items for style and condition, and you won’t have to sort through a lot of pieces worth passing on.
  • Look for high-quality pieces that will last for years (and even decades) to come. We like to shop for wool, premium denim, and brand-name outerwear.
  • Sell your clothes at resale fashion stores so you can earn trade credit for your “new” purchases.

Ready to shop sustainable fashion? We hope to see you in our stores!

how to shop sustainable fashion

how to shop sustainable fashion

how to shop sustainable fashion

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