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March 15, 2022 How to Style a Maxi Skirt

We recently covered the mini skirt trend, but maybe you’d prefer to know how to style a maxi skirt.

We love them both, but we admit that the maxi skirt provides a lot more styling options. You can wear them to work, to a dinner date, to the beach.

In fact, we couldn’t stop scrolling our IG feeds for inspiration. There are so many great looks!

But we did our very best and narrowed it down to 9 excellent ways to style a maxi skirt.

1. To the Max

Oh, how we love how full this skirt is! With added frills on top, it’s a show-stopping look.

photo of person in maxi skirt

2. With a Tucked Sweater

Maxi skirts have great cinched waistbands that are perfect for tucking in lightweight tops. We think this tucked sweater looks lovely.

photo of person in maxi skirt

3. Under a Dress or Tunic

So smart! We love layers, and a maxi skirt works with an unbuttoned dress or tunic.

photo of a person in a maxi skirt

4. With a Tee

Keep it simple and pair a maxi skirt with your favorite t-shirt and denim jacket or bomber.

photo of person in maxi skirt

5. With a Ballet Top

A maxi skirt makes such a pretty silhouette. A ballet top enhances it.

photo of person in a maxi skirt

6. With a Turtleneck

When the temperatures drop, a turtleneck is your go-to for a maxi skirt look.

photo of person in turtleneck and skirt

7. With a Blazer

Add a blazer and you’re all set for an office-to-date kind of day.

photo of person in blazer and skirt

8. With a Blouse and Vest

This look has us adding a denim maxi skirt to our shopping list! We find the blouse and vest addition are perfect.

photo of person in a skirt and blouse with vest

9. In Mixed Prints

Go bold with a maxi skirt print, but don’t stop there. Match with bright colors and mixed prints for added fun.

photo of person in mixed prints

Now, that’s how to style a maxi skirt this spring and beyond! We have plenty of other spring trends that we’re ready to style. See all 30 of them here in our seasonal selling guide.


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