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July 25, 2023 How to Thrift for Fashion Like a Pro

If you want to know how to thrift for fashion like a pro, you can count on our employees to provide loads of tips. After all, they’re busy filling our Crossroads stores with the best thrifted finds every single day.

Over the years, here are 3 things I’ve learned from them about making the most of your shopping experience.

1. Prep for Your Visit

Thrift stores have a lot of different clothing on their racks, which can feel overwhelming to some people. If that sounds like you, then you’ll benefit from prepping for your store visit before even leaving the house.

Check your closet for items you’re missing and look at our seasonal selling guide to determine which new trends you may want to try.

Then, make a list to bring along. With a few pieces to focus on, you’ll be prepared to skim the racks for exactly what you need.

Photo of graphic tees

2. Look for the Display Cases

I love designer pieces, so the first thing I’ve been trained to look for are the display cases. Sometimes these are free-standing cases, and sometimes these are enclosed shelves at the register.

Either way, this is where the designer or rare pieces are. If that’s your style, then look for them first!

photo of a glass case filled with designer accessories

3. Check Out the Staff Picks

The best fashion recommendations come from those who work in fashion, so look for a rack marked as Staff Picks. I find these are very common in thrift and resale stores, and it’s where you can find a mini-curation of the very best pieces in the store.

photo of rack of vintage clothing

With just 3 best practices, you now know exactly how to thrift for fashion like an expert. Give them a try, and then tag us on Instagram at @crossroadstrading to show us what you find!