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March 22, 2022 How to Wear Berets

To be honest, there wouldn’t be many steps for an instruction manual on how to wear berets. You simply put one on your head, right?

However, this little hat can add so much style to your look. It can be worn leaning to one side, puffed at the top, or at the back of your head for a sweet halo effect.

It can add a pop of color, complete a monochromatic look, or make you feel like a Parisian headed to the Louvre for an afternoon of art.

But don’t just take our word for it: there’s styling inspiration ahead!

As a Pop of Color

photo of person in beret

With a Casual Look

photo of person in beret

70s Inspired

photo of person in beret

In Soft Monochrome

photo of person in pastel outfit

In Bright Monochrome

photo of person wearing all orange

Classic Artist

photo of person with beret

French Uniform

photo of person in trench coat

Halo Effect

photo of person in pink and red outfit

That’s how to wear berets in a series of great outfit photos. How you style one is completely up to you, but we recommend a quick Instagram #beret scroll for even more options.

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