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June 14, 2022 How to Wear White Pants: 6 Ways

You know it’s time to bring them out, but you’re wondering how to wear white pants this season. We have to tell you: there are so many ways! And we have inspiration photos too.

We personally consider white pants a spring and summer staple. We occasionally wear them in fall and winter too, but there are certain pairings that look best in the warm weather seasons. Lucky for us, there are a number of options to pick from.

Below are 6 ways to wear white pants that are super simple to follow. Each is an easy formula for a look that’s polished and ready to go. They’ll have you imagining your next white pants OOTD in no time.

1. With a Bright Color

photo of person in white pants

2. With Florals

photo of person in white pants

3. With Off-Whites

photo of person in white pants

4. To Work

photo of person in white pants

5. With More White

photo of person in tank top and trousers

6. With Navy

The question of how to wear white pants is solved! These 6 combos are fun to try, and there are plenty more to test. We didn’t even get started on stripes.

Stop into any Crossroads store location to look for your perfect pair of white pants, or an eye-catching match to your favorite pair.


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