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December 22, 2020 How to Wear Winter Checks

Winter fashion pieces in the popular check pattern are easily found in your favorite shops when cold weather strikes. Have you been wondering how to wear winter checks this year? Here are 5 no-fail styling tricks that we’re excited to pass along.

Wear Checks With Other Patterns

Some people aim to match a color in each pattern, but nowadays we say just go for it!

Woman in checked pants

Create a Black & White Look

This look requires little thought on a chilly winter morning when you’re rushing out of the house, but the result reads pulled-together.

Checkered Dress

Bring Pastels into Winter

Pastels in winter outfits are unexpected and ensure your look is a stand-out.

Man in checkered blazer

Don’t Overlook Summer Silhouettes

Take this red flannel dress for example. Add a fitted black turtleneck underneath, and it’s winter-ready.

Red Chcked Dress

Mix Bright Checks with Neutrals

Don’t hesitate to pick up check patterns in bright colors. You’ll give them center stage by coupling them with neutral pieces.

Woman in pink checked pants

Check patterns are especially popular in thrifted looks, since they’ve been around for decades and you can find them in beautiful vintage styles. How do you wear winter checks? Tag us @crossroadtrading and share!


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